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January 3, 2012
A masterful film and very great. It's visually perfect and very intense in its psycho-drama.
½ September 3, 2010
A man must step out from his father?s shadow

A local town sheriff has been credited with developing his town from a couple houses in the woods to a stabilized western community. The sheriff accomplished this by forming a truce with the Indians and executing swift justice. As the sheriff gets old enough to retire, his two sons are at the age where they could replace him and his daughter is at the marrying age. Despite the sheriff?s history, he has issues with one of his sons refusing to take his place and his daughter wanting to marry an Indian. Will the sheriff?s stubbornness destroy the family?

?I?m giving the orders and you?re taking them.?

Joseph H. Lewis, director of Terror in a Texas Town, A Lawless Street, Gun Crazy, Cry of the Hunted, Border Wolves, and The Silver Bullet, delivers The Halliday Brand. The storyline for this picture is fascinating and well delivered. The content is interesting and delivers an interesting perspective of the Wild West. The cast includes Joseph Cotton, Betsy Blair, and Stanford Jolley.

?You don?t get confessions by just asking questions.?

I happened to catch this movie while flicking through the channels last night on EWest. I always enjoy catching old westerns on this channel and was surprised at how original this film?s plot was for the genre. This is an underrated western and worth watching for fans of the genre.

?Pistol-whip the innocent the same as the guilty.?

Grade: B
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