Halloween Reviews

November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
December 12, 2007
The result, though undeniably preferable to yet another misbegotten installment of the long-exhausted franchise, certainly doesn't compare to John Carpenter's landmark original film.
September 28, 2007
It's inanely-scripted exploitation, sure, but this 'Halloween' doesn't trivialise; it even returns with sympathy to one victim minutes after the attack that has left her bleeding on the floor.
September 12, 2007
The Batman Begins of slasher movies, and one of the more frightening stabathons of recent years.
September 5, 2007
It's a decent diversion.
September 4, 2007
Contains dialogue so nasty and stupid, you'd swear (right along with the characters) that the booker for Jerry Springer wrote it (Zombie did).
September 4, 2007
Trick or treat? Rob Zombie's "re-imagining" of John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic Halloween must sadly be consigned to the former category and it's not even a very interesting, suspenseful trick at that.
September 4, 2007
Rob Zombie's Halloween remake isn't scary, which is really all you need to know about it.
September 4, 2007
Revamping the influential 1978 shocker Halloween for a new generation of viewers, director Rob Zombie offers a film with more sex, more violence, no humor and zero scares.