The Hand of Fatima Reviews

November 16, 2009
Has a combination of personal history and glorious music that is deeply compelling.
November 13, 2009
The Hand of Fatima tries to understand the '60s-bred hunger for ecstasy, pursued through music and drugs.
November 12, 2009
Succeeds in shedding kaleidoscopic light on both the man and the music.
November 11, 2009
Like so many before her, Augusta Palmer treats her hosts with overstated reverence, which is a shame: Somewhere in this scenario lies a very funny, very strange indie comedy.
November 10, 2009
All the slapdash animation, stock footage, fake Robert narration, and cred-boosting testimonials here (Yoko Ono, Donovan, Genesis P. Orridge) offer less insight than father Palmer's own book-turned-doc Deep Blues.
November 18, 2009
For all its earnestness, however, The Hand of Fatima feels a little too thematically diffuse to leave a distinct impression.
November 10, 2009
It'd be tempting to call it ambitious if the large emotions felt by its subjects were transmitted in terms other than the increasingly common tropes of the family-therapy doc.