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When an evil drug-dealing witch (Lara Flynn Boyle) holds Gretel's stoner boyfriend hostage, she and her brother Hansel must save him from a gruesome death -- or face the last high of their lives. (c) Tribeca
Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure , Comedy , Horror
Directed By: Duane Journey
Written By: David Tillman
In Theaters: limited
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Boyle is the very best part of the film, having palpable fun as the émigrée witch with the Benjamin Button approach to ageing. Still the film's literally high concept is executed without conviction, while its greatest crime is to forget to be funny.

Full Review… | September 2, 2013
Grolsch Film Works

Coasts on a brilliant performance from Lara Flynn Boyle, even if it's strictly for fans of the stoner movie formula.

Full Review… | August 28, 2013
What Culture

That a movie with this title and these recreational interests can remain compelling at all is a minor miracle, proving that a few drops of creativity and enthusiasm make all the difference in the world.

Full Review… | February 28, 2013

For as half-baked as this Hansel and Gretel story is, there are some wickedly entertaining moments that produce an inconsistant yet intoxicating high.

Full Review… | February 25, 2013
We Got This Covered

Audience Reviews for Hansel and Gretel Get Baked

"Hansel & Gretel Get Baked" is horror/comedy directed by Duane Journey which stars Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael Welch, Molly C. Quinn, Edward Zo and Bianca Saad. Actually there are a lot of cool lesser known actors in the film that have some cool moments on screen but for me the story focused more with Lara Flynn Boyle's fun and comfortable portrayal of a stoner witch who eats kids to maintain her youthful beauty. The story is as you would guess a modern day retelling of the classic Grimm story. Quite frankly I cannot believe it took this long to make this sort of movie because it just seems that the pot community and the story of Hansel & Gretel where meant for each other especially as seen in this film. Also don't let the comedy part through you off because this isn't one of those funny flicks that relies heavily on the spoof shtick blatant puns. The humor here only comes from the simple and expected funny sh*t that stoner films are known for. Mostly this film stays with a classic 80's homage horror theme complete with gory effects, creepy build-ups and dark chilling overtures. The story is simple and interesting leading into this sticky, gooey tale of a witch that lures children into her home so that she may eat them. Only this witch is the kind that you would really want to get high with and Lara Flynn Boyle plays the part perfectly. The slight nuances and interactions between her and other characters made it obvious that she enjoyed playing this role. The characters of Hansel and Gretel are also pretty believable on screen. The story manages to be witty and smart with plenty of representations from the classic fairy tale present but in a very fresh concept. I mean seriously it seems as if this story should have been a no brainer years ago. I have to say if anyone dares to see any movie with "Hansel & Gretel" in the title make it this one! It manages to be a fun original spin on the concept without seeming hokey, plus the elements of horror are far more impressing than you may expect. It manages to use a darker wicked humor which brought the funny without the ridiculous. I plan to add this flick to my 4.20 celebration as the final piece on my day of horror to get high with!

rick russ
rick russ

Far better than it has any right to be. No classic, but it sufficiently explores the issues at hand.

Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson

An utterly stupid but thoroughly enjoyable and original horror comedy, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked is a stoner comedy with torture, gore, and supernatural events thrown into the mix. Lara Flynn Boyle's age-shifting performance as the witch makes the film, which will likely only appeal to those who can stomach both b-level horror films and stoner comedies.

Al Miller
Al Miller

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