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½ May 13, 2012
Did all these critics watch the same movie I did? It's LOUSY, did I say lousy, yes terrible. It wasn't funny at all. People's idea of humor sometimes really escapes me. This was like a college project movie gone bad.
March 24, 2012
A good example of how not to make an ensemble movie. The 3 intersecting stories are just not interesting enough, and never really come together. It doesn't even work as a comedy. Overall the movie is confused, uninspired and boring.
½ March 15, 2012
Not without some moments of dramatic clarity, this film is mostly spoiled by its increasingly obnoxious textual narration, which contradicts itself and interferes with the action more than it enhances it. It has the feel of several clever ideas that did not know how to integrate themselves or when to hit the brakes.

And I still cannot figure out why anyone likes Lisa Kudrow...
March 14, 2012
This movie is just absolutely brilliant. Funny in places, yet pure drama throughout. Keeps you guessing, and every single character goes on a journey. I think every performance in this is simply amazing. Definitely glad I found some hidden gems in ex-rental!!
November 27, 2011
Happy Endings is seriously in the top 3 movies I've seen this year. So good!
½ November 15, 2011
Decent, but it's been a few months since I've watched it. I can remember the plot as a whole, but the details are fuzzy. That should tell you a lot about this film.
November 11, 2011
This was my first exposure to director Don Roos' work, and I must say, I am impressed. Movies with many interweaving plots seem to be getting more popular, and I think this film is one of those that pulls it off well. Reviews on this have been mixed, though mostly on the positive side. The negative critics couldn't decide whether it's too complicated or not complicated enough. Some even complain that some of the plot is unrealistic, but is that a valid complaint? This film is showing everyone at their lowest point, and the situations everyone experiences during those times are different. The emotions are almost palpable, especially thanks to the great performances from the ensemble cast. I've always been endeared towards Lisa Kudrow because of Friends, and it was great to see her shine in a more dramatic role while still maintaining her charm. Maggie Gyllenhaal seems natural as the conniving Jude; I wouldn't be surprised if she was somewhat like her in real life. The story itself was a lot more dramatic and emotional than I expected it to be, and I highly enjoyed it. I'm sure drama fans will love it.
August 13, 2011
Programmatic screenplay kills all attempts at warmth or congeniality.
July 4, 2011
Too many characters and plotlines floating around in this film, making it a bit schizophrenic and unfocussed. It's not partuicularly funny, but has a good cast with plenty of recognisable faces (young/gay Steeve Coogan is pretty funny to watch!). It's pretty 'soap'y, but wraps things up nicely.
½ June 29, 2011
This movie is great a little bit of a slow starter, still tho an amazing drama with a lil comedy and a bit of tear jerking at the end well worth a watch
½ May 29, 2011
2 hours and 8 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
½ May 27, 2011
I am still not sure if this is an accurate rating... the first hour would've been a 1 and the last hour I'd say was a 3. The opening scene was intriguing then it got boring. When I saw Jesse Bradford, I thought, ok I'll give this a second thought. I still had to stop halfway through and come back to it. But when it got interesting, it was pretty decent. Maggie Gyllenhaal is fabulous as always and the movie delivers what the title promises- happy endings, so at least you've got that.
May 10, 2011
The beginning is bad, but eventually I liked it.
April 22, 2011
Strange flick but interesting
½ April 20, 2011
A comedy slash drama that amuses nor moves, a few scarce moments excepted, and lasts about an hour too long.
April 18, 2011
Gay director Don Roos made a splash with his debut film "The Opposite Of Sex." His writing was crisp, Christina Ricci did her best acting onscreen as a siren, Lisa Kudrow was excellent, and it's one of the best satires about sexuality. His sophomore effort was forgetable and he's slightly returned to form with his third effort but not entirely successful.

"Happy Endings" is a busy movie with so many characters striving to find fulfilment. Every situation doesn't have to conclude with a happy ending. Maggie Gyllenhaal is the best actor here and she seems to relish her role as an opportunistic singer who needs shelter. The central relationship is between Lisa Kudrow and her stepbrother played by Steve Coogan. Kudrow is involved in a weird relationship with Jesse Bradford who's blackmailing her and sexy Bobby Cannavale, a Mexican immigrant. Coogan is involved in a weird relationship with his lover David Sutcliffe (as Gil) and a lesbian couple played by Laura Dern and Sarah Clarke. Gyllenhaal is involved with a weird father/son relationship played by an effective Jason Ritter (as Otis) and Tom Arnold as the empathetic dad. As I said, this is a busy movie with so many themes but the actors and strong writing keep it afloat. It resembles one of Robert Altman's ensemble movies.

I didn't like the script cards outlining the feelings of the characters. It's meant to be clever but is actually a distraction since the actors are bringing home the point. I'd completely eliminate the hackneyed ending too which is meant to buttress the title. How about a more general title like "Life's Endings?"
April 16, 2011
I need to re-watch this. Haven't seen it in a few years but I remember I loved it!
Super Reviewer
March 31, 2011
Multiple intersecting stories, including plots about blackmail, stolen sperm, and a woman who fucks a gay drummer and his father, are at the center of this Robert Altman imitation.
By the end of this film, I thought that it had reached the Altman Standard in terms of its ability to cleverly combine these characters with some degree of dramatic effectiveness. I write "dramatic" intentionally because even though the title cards and other sources identify this as a comedy, I saw very little humorous about its situations or delivery. Sure, there are a couple moments that were chuckle-worthy, but that's about it.
In my sentence-summary of the film, I listed the most prominent plots, and if you think I'm being somewhat satirical, you're right. A lot of the critics' reviews of Happy Endings lamented the ludicrousness of its storylines, and from a writer's standpoint, I have to agree. However, good actors can sometimes save bad writing. The way in which each of these actors commit to their characters makes the film almost believable. Of particular note is Lisa Kudrow, with whom I, a long-time Friends hater, have never been impressed. But she scraps her ditsy-girl act, and her damaged character exudes a vulnerability that her other work didn't allow her to explore.
Also, throughout the film we get title cards explaining characters' back-stories, and this strikes me as lazy filmmaking. Instead of deftly showing the information we need, the film inundates the audience with minutiae and sly comments that have little bearing on the film's action.
Overall, though there are some significant issues from a writing perspective, the actors save this piece.
March 15, 2011
I actually really enjoyed it. Posted a lil to early before, but I really liked it. Tons of good actors.
½ February 19, 2011
Imperfect yet enjoyable.
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