Happy Hour Reviews

December 6, 2005
October 24, 2004
Nothing especially new, but a well-acted chamber piece about a self-destructive writer.
October 22, 2004
Sharply written, flawlessly acted.
October 22, 2004
LaPaglia is solid and there's a grittiness here, and a clear-eyed approach to alcoholism that's reminiscent of Leaving Las Vegas.
October 21, 2004
Provides enough tragi-comedy to make the viewer feel like drowning their own sorrows... while laughing to lift their spirits.
October 21, 2004
Collectively, the result is a familiar film off the beaten path.
September 24, 2004
A small film, a tiny cast, a labor of love with a minuscule budget that shows in the poor lighting and even worse sound quality. That it was made is the thing to be applauded.
June 2, 2004
Director Mike Bencivenga has reinvented the alcoholic romantic dramedy and Leading Actor Anthony LaPaglia has redefined the cinematic soak. A beautiful piece of work.