Happy Hunting Reviews

September 25, 2017
A nasty little piece of work that surprises with both its topicality and incisiveness, Happy Hunting unfailingly reminds us about the social problems we try to ignore that just won't go away.
September 21, 2017
Even at its pulpiest, "Happy Hunting" has a point to make - about how in modern society we often use the pretense of morality to justify base savagery.
November 2, 2018
Happy Hunting is a film that has it all; social commentary, humor, and intense bloodshed. This film even has a character that many people suffering through addiction can relate to, and maybe even learn from.
August 6, 2018
Passable, politically potent yet gory and downbeat spin on "The Most Dangerous Game." Netflixable
December 30, 2017
Written and directed by Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson, Happy Hunting pulls of that rare thing in low budget filmmaking - the holy triptych of incredible visuals, a script that pops and actors with more than the chops to pull it off.
September 21, 2017
It's made with a finesse that's rare in such an inexperienced director, and it's an impressive contribution to the genre.
September 21, 2017
Slow, painfully so at times, but there are moments of clarity in the writing to make it passably special and inventive, breaking up the routine of a humans-as-prey thriller.
September 20, 2017
Young filmmakers Louie Gibson and Joe Dietsch pull off a minor miracle in the Age of Trump. They restrain their political messages for the story's benefit.
February 28, 2017
it's a case of cold turkey meets Turkey Shoot (1982), as Warren - resourceful if reeling - must travel a rocky path to reform and recovery.