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December 26, 2014
this one was ok as we see all of the peanuts gang, but, felt more like a book promotion for "War & Peace" as Charlie Brown kept reading portions of it
½ December 31, 2013
"Your dog just sniffed my root beer!"
It's not as great as some of the Peanuts other classics, but at the end of the day, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown is a fun show to watch to get in the spirit of New Year's.
½ December 30, 2013
Charles Schultz wasn't dead yet when this special was created, but it probably made him long to be. Dreadful, simply dreadful.
November 26, 2013
not the best of the peanuts' specials by a long shot, but enjoyable all the same. cute and the music is catchy.
Super Reviewer
½ December 2, 2012
A fun New Year special from the Peanuts
January 1, 2011
As unbelievably cruel as the Peanuts holiday specials are, I enjoy them a lot. But Happy New Year, Charlie Brown is especially inhuman to the title character. The plot is one gloomy event after another and I question if being sadistic is supposed to be funny if there's no payoff. It begins with Charlie Brown having to read War and Peace (yet mysteriously no one else in his class must) over Christmas break. This is depressing because it's as if they completely skipped Christmas and went straight to New Years. Then Charlie Brown experiences failure after failure, with all of the female characters being snobby a-holes, and you can guess what kind of grade he gets on the book report. I like A Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but New Year is the most tragic, polar opposite of uplifting as Charlie Brown can get and it's probably why it's not a classic. Also (and my biggest complaint), there's not enough Snoopy.
½ December 30, 2010
Lucked out catching this on ABC. I always liked Peanut movies..most of them anyways. This was was pretty good but nothing special even though it had some funny one liners. I just found it could have used some more Snoopy because the best bit is when he sniffs in Lucy's root beer. It could have used more moments like that but the rest is alright w/ Peppermint Patty throwing a New Year's party & Charlie Brown saddle bagged w/ reading War & Peace. Of course Charlie Brown falls asleep & misses midnight..just like me. Probably asleep but while watching the Marx Brother marathon
April 17, 2010
Haha, Charlie Brown worries about the most impossible things and Linus hates square balloons. 'I am not your sweet babboo! And I wouldn't invite you to a garage sale!'
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