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½ April 19, 2007
While it's nothing revolutionary, The Hard Way does what it does well. It's your fairly typical buddy cop film but with some nice moments and surprises in the first hour and change. The climax is a little cliche-tastic, but delivers some fun action.
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May 8, 2008
Funny action flivk. James Woods is great in this one.
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September 9, 2007
One of my favorite buddy/comedies ever made.
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½ May 8, 2007
Seen this on TV a few times and always forgot the name. An enjoyable film about a big method acting star who teams up with a tough cop to prepare for his new role and ends up in danger!
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½ March 8, 2007
This buddy cop movie is exactly the kind of cliched formulaic nonsense parodied by Last Action Hero. Woods as the usual tightly wound workaholic cop and Fox as the pampered Hollywood film star who inevitably teaches him life lessons are watchable enough, but it's nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before.
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January 22, 2007
i remember this being good, been a while though
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November 20, 2006
Exciting comedy thriller with plenty of laughs on LA actor and New York cop.
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March 15, 2006
Good only because I know James Woods erections gives me a head rush.
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½ August 13, 2007
Michael J. Fox plays an actor who teams up with a cop (James Woods) for research for an upcoming role. The movie is supposed to be a Lethal Weapon type of action thriller, it's hard to take it seriously though. Especially when Fox goes for laughs even through what's supposed to be serious action scenes.

The movie still works as a comedy though and it's hard not to like it due to the fun performances by Fox and Woods. The Hard Way is basically just an entertaining bad movie.
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February 17, 2006
James Woods and Michael J. Fox? Shouldn't work but it does, and in spectacular fashion. I absolutely adore this film.
½ August 28, 2011
This was a good movie . James Woods plays the cop on the edge,
who does things the old fashioned way . Beat the guy up, then, ask questions. Michael Fox , is a good, well, actor . He's really ,
really wanting to know, ' exactly ' , what it's like to be a rouhp cop.
He wants to live it, feel it, be , it . To learn all He can about it .
Thus, is the start of a very trying relationship . This film does have lauphs. It's a good comedy, I liked it .
I also like both the actors . So, of course, I'll say a few good words. Yet, now it's on video, so what's a few dollars, when you
can lauph, while watching this funny movie ?
October 24, 2010
Micheal J. Fox was a truly amazingly funny guy. Woods does his thing in every movie...Seems every character he plays comes off as the wiseass straight stick
January 31, 2010
This is in the same league as all the other buddy cop films. Movie star who wants to research what a cop does. He realizes it's not all fun and games. Great!
February 17, 2009
james wood is so hilarious as the tough cop john moss and with michael j. fox as nick lang the movie star became a cilvilian moss's cop partner to catch the 'killer party crasher'.
November 28, 2008
Nick Lang: Ever killed anybody?
John Moss: Counting today?
Nick Lang: C'mon John. Look, my character kills this guy. It's probably an innocent by-stander. I just want to know what that's like.
John Moss: You can't. Not by asking someone.
Nick Lang: Will you open up? I just want to know what it feels like to be inside your skin.
John Moss: I DON'T WANT YOU INSIDE MY SKIN, YOU UNDERSTAND? It's private! What's in there belongs to me! You're not gonna learn what it means to be a cop by eating hot dogs and picking your teeth and asking stupid questions. We live this job. It's something we are, not something we do! Every time a cop walks up to a car and has to give a speeding ticket, he know he may have to kill someone or be killed himself. That's not something you step into by strapping on a rubber gun and riding around all day. You get to go back to your million dollar beach house and your bimbos and your blow jobs and you get 17 takes to get it right. We get one take. It lasts our whole lives. We mess it up and we're dead.
Nick Lang: [picking up a tape recorder] Fuck was that great! John. Look. Can you just say that one more time for me, please? John.

John Moss: C'mon where are you staying? the Plaza... the Regiun... c'mon where?
Nick Lang: I'm staying with you.
John Moss: Maybe when my asshole learns to chew gum.

Nick Lang: Hey, look at this. They got my billboard across the street.
John Moss: Good, you'll be sleeping close to the one you love.
½ April 25, 2008
Problematic, but fun. The performances from Woods and Fox are worth watching the movie for, despite all the cliches, problems, issues, and whatnot. And it's John Badham hitting the mark as a director, so it's got some good lean parts to it that keep the pace moving. And damn, Stephen Lang is freaking awesome as the bad guy. What a weirdo.
December 3, 2007
I can't think of any 2 actors better suited for the lead roles. This is a really fun movie...funny and exciting. Look for Luis Guzman in an early career supporting role.
½ September 9, 2007
This was a very entertaining film. Good acting, the comedy and action were realistically over the top. I enjoyed this movie very much.
July 4, 2007
A great Film. Not as much Fans as it should have, but I love it. One of the first Films I saw I believe.

I recommend this to any Fan of Action, maybe Adventure, Comedy, and Romance.
May 8, 2007
great movie... nothing deep about it, just an entertaing way to spend an evening. neither character strays from their usual style, you know what your gonna get...still, i really enjoyed it
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