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Harlan - Im Schatten von Jud Süss (Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Seuss) Reviews

January 12, 2018
This movie is a one-trick pony. It depicts the efforts of Harlan's children and grandchildren, many who appear in the film, to clear his name from the taint of anti-Semitism. They didn't convince me.
October 11, 2015
Psychobiography of this sort runs throughout the film, and Moeller lets it all unspool without undue editorializing. Some of the ironies are flabbergasting.
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July 7, 2010
A potentially fascinating topic is given a disappointing treatment.
June 10, 2010
As Moeller interviews all the candid and articulate surviving relations, we come to see how Harlan's toxic legacy played out among the generations, shattering the haunted family in ways that are disturbing and surprising.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
June 3, 2010
Harlan must have felt he was the right filmmaker at the right place at the right time. Did he ever stop to think that his luck also meant the doom of millions? Moeller's documentary can't supply an answer. It does, however, make the rest of us wonder.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
April 29, 2010
Moeller stirs up a hot broth of ideas about culpability, and the power of art for good and for evil.
April 28, 2010
Moeller is not heavy-handed in drawing conclusions; he leaves this largely to the audience.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
March 5, 2010
Moeller avoids sensationalism or pointing fingers, letting each side have its say and allowing viewers to decide Harlan's agenda for themselves.
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March 3, 2010
Although his focus remains on Veit Harlan, Mr. Moeller directly engages, if again not deeply, questions about German mass guilt and the responsibility of succeeding generations.
March 3, 2010
You sense the doc might have some anger up its sleeve, but these Harlans are all pretty dignified.
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March 2, 2010
Stuffed with talking heads, Harlan is overlong and redundant, but its core questions are worthy.
March 2, 2010
Felix Moeller's terrific docu "Harlan -- In the Shadow of the Jew Suess" cleverly shifts the discourse and concentrates more on the director's family, subtly exploring questions of guilt and filial devotion while keeping the man's monstrous legacy front a