Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Reviews

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April 8, 2014
One of the funniest films I've seen in a years.
December 24, 2010
Extremely dumb and vulgar comedy; not for kids.
April 15, 2009
You'll laugh, you'll laugh, and you'll laugh%u2014especially if you see the movie in the cannabis enhanced glaze that the filmmakers intend.
August 4, 2008
'This night is about the American dream,' Kumar promises, and you know what? It sort of is. [Blu-Ray]
July 20, 2008
...for all its juvenile shortcomings, there's a sweet and beguiling charm to the film.
May 2, 2008
A deserving modern classic, even if only for being so bold as to describe Katie Holmes' breasts as being "the exact opposite" of the Holocaust.
May 1, 2008
...fares a whole lot better than the majority of its stoner-comedy brethren...
April 11, 2008
An over-the-top romp which rehashes lots of dumb drug jokes but breaks far enough away from the tried-and-true teen formula to earn a high mark even from this jaded critic.
August 14, 2007
A multilayered goof on ethnic stereotypes...
August 24, 2006
a whacky, racially refreshing breather in Hollywood's white-dominated, politically over-correct bummer of a mainstream culture
June 23, 2006
Go ahead, it's what you crave.
May 26, 2006
While unabashedly unsophisticated, this flick is subtly smarter, more audacious and more finely tuned than other movies of its ilk...
April 1, 2006
Warm, crazily inventive and sometimes hysterical...
February 9, 2006
Behind all the Farrelly-esque gross-out humour and Cheech & Chong-isms lies a sensitive little picture with a deftly handled anti-racism slant.
January 17, 2006
It's all as serious as a White Castle slider.
July 5, 2005
April 15, 2005
Funny and brave; it's tradition with a refreshing new twist.
March 9, 2005
Frankly, if there isn't already another Harold and Kumar movie in the works, then there should be.
March 7, 2005
Will never become a teen classic, to be remembered lovingly as the film that shaped your teenage years but one thing's for sure: it's very funny and wonderfully dumb.
February 26, 2005
Director Danny Leiner has now elevated the stoner comedy to its highest peak...
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