Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Reviews

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November 16, 2019
To their credit, John Cho and Kal Penn do have a nice chemistry, even if they are stuck in a dead-end film.
December 27, 2007
July 25, 2005
...this film is dreadful! Horrible! Terrible! Aaaarrggghhh!
April 2, 2005
March 1, 2005
There's an audience that will appreciate this, but they may struggle to see it through the smoke.
January 8, 2005
A thin setup followed by thinner jokes.
October 10, 2004
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is the latest multicultural variant of the lowbrow buddy comedy in which the heroes just want to get high and laid.
September 2, 2004
Nearly every gut-wrenching turn is somehow derived from an ethnic slur, juvenile sight gag, or the glorification of an illegal substance and its side effects.
August 16, 2004
Features quite possibly the worst, most unfunny scene of the 2004 film year.
August 5, 2004
The pacing is clunky, with the flat feel of a sitcom.
August 1, 2004
Instantly forgettable but fun.
August 1, 2004
...the movie has delivery that often overshadows the punch lines, and it's not very accessible.
July 31, 2004
Repeatedly, as per road-movie formula, Harold and Kumar come to expect sex and/or druggy delirium, only to be disappointed.
July 30, 2004
This is one more 'youth movie' that'll put years on anyone over 25.
July 30, 2004
The rare funny scenes are dominated by predictable sex or drug jokes.
July 30, 2004
Has enough laughs and misadventures to satisfy its built-in audience, but it won't win any converts.
July 30, 2004
This is Dude, Where's My Script?
July 30, 2004
It leaves you hungry -- for a better movie.
July 30, 2004
A little more disturbing than it intends to be, and in the amateurish hands of director Danny Leiner (Dude, Where's My Car) not as funny as it might have been.
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