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February 26, 2016
This is definitely a revealing movie that shows reality of the happenings created by the Serbian aggression on Croatia. It shows the situation of the aggression over the full overall war.
March 15, 2015
Saving Photog Harrison. Harrowingly gruesome, perhaps gratuitously so. Yes war is hell, but we knew that.
½ December 21, 2013
The first hour of the film is pointless and boring, the second half is very affecting but because the first half is a waste of time but the time you get into it its over, the war scenes though are first rate it should got started earlier then you would have a classic war film of great strength.
December 8, 2012
Such an underrated film. Great cast. Good story!
August 27, 2012
Such an intriguing movie about a Women Devotion to her Husband "Harrison". when sent on a mission to war torn area as a photogher.Assumed Missing in action his Film is sent back, using this as a clue to link his last where abouts,and local News broadcasting. Harrisons wife goes searching for him. With a compelling gut feeling she just can't let it go. On the way she meets friends,see's death first hand, and intercepts near death herself. "A journey of love, conquers all!"
½ July 28, 2012
A primitive anti serbian, hollywood style piece of propaganda. disgusting and full of lies.
½ July 14, 2012
It's not a trite love story. It's just a wife looking for her husband under the worst possible circumstances. The best portrayal of war I have ever seen. This film is worth renting.
½ June 22, 2012
"Harrison's Flowers", with a story plot basically revolving around the early 1990s Yugoslavian war and the search of a photojournalist lost in its midst by his wife, delivers a sufficiently grasping performance. All this despite the cast being not so famous.
½ April 7, 2012
As an editor, I found this movie very credible. In fact, I published photos submitted by photojournalists of apparent atrocities in Eastern Europe in the late 1990s. I am surprised by some of the condescending reviews by "professional" reviewers. The film simply has the ring of truth. I have no quarrel with the storyline -- the authors needed a vehicle through which to tell this story. I think Andie MacDowell did a fine job as the driven wife. So did Straithairn and Brody in their roles. None of these fine actors lacks gravitas. War crimes did occur; journalists did die in these conflicts. There are too few films portraying these very real themes, and I hope the haughty reviewers do not deter other producers and directors from pursuing new films showing the real world.
February 17, 2012
At the one hand, you see these brutal killings in Yugoslavia that are increadibly realistic. At the other hand the storu is probably not very realistic (although wonders happen). This kind of puts this great movie on the verge of sliding into a soppy melodrama. However, overall, the movie managed this situation and well and left me satisfied and moved.
½ December 17, 2011
What a beautiful film. The movie is about a group of photographers covering the war in Croatia, but going deeper into the story, it is actually more about a woman's love for her husband, and going to any means to find him. Excellent production and casting.
½ December 11, 2011
What a beautiful film. The movie is about a group of photographers covering the war in Croatia, but going deeper into the story, it is actually more about a woman's love for her husband, and going to any means to find him. Excellent production and casting.
½ November 5, 2011
Cruel and bloody, but then again, war is. So many stories like this around and new ones keep coming up. sigh.
½ August 18, 2011
Ouch! I was extremly disappointed with this movie and how I was mislead by the other reviews. I'm sorry but Andie Macdowell's character is so unbelievable, even within the confines of the plot, ie,, it shows her relationship with Harrison (her husband) as being typical or maybe even a little troubled, then they suddenly have this heartfelt telepathic connection of undying love.Then she throws everyone along with her kids to the curb to go in search of Harrison. furthermore; somehow along the way she by chance bumps into friends from home on the tragic, gruesome, and suicidal warfront that they all decide to continue into the heart of the conflict where everyone is being killed onsight (except for them), I could go on and on but you get the picture, (pun intended). Brody's character is way over the top for no apparent reason, he is constantly emotional and angry with some type of "don't give a hoot" attitude, then suddenly morfs into some kamakazi compassionate martyr of sorts. The movie really builds too nowhere. I have grown fond of most of the cast over the years for their performances( just so you don't think it is some predisposed bias of mine) . You really have to blame the Directing and script for this " bomb". Strathaim does well as usual, but his character wasn't much of a challenge. I have rarely felt compelled to write a poor review, but this had too be done. Even if you just go with the "its a movie and imaginative" position. It's still not fluid and believable within it's own parameters. Don't watch this movie with any expectations and you might pull some kudos for the special effects, but the movie as a whole dumps so bad that you might even miss that. Sorry!
½ June 15, 2011
It would have been better if she.... Oh wait, I guess I shouldn't ruin it.
May 27, 2011
I enjoyed this movie
½ May 26, 2011
Good film, and the first time i saw Adrien Brody in a film, disturbing scenes of civil war in yugoslavia, which many peoplel dont remember, the film moves along nicley with purpose.
½ April 22, 2011
If you can ignore the ridiculous love story (which isn't all that apparent) and accept it as a vehicle for being in Yugoslavia, then the film is quite powerful.

It had a pretty strong effect on me as I had no idea what the film was about.

It's been ages that I've been moved so much by a film. I can only hope the depiction of war in this film is exaggerated.

For a film that had an $8,000,000 budget, it really is brilliantly well done.
November 28, 2010
meni jedan od najboljih filmova o ratu i stradanju u Vukovaru!!!
½ November 10, 2010
This film offers a glimpse of what happened in 1991, when the brutal conflict between the Serbs and Croats erupted. During the bloody revolution, harrowing visuals were captured so realistically with many people being atrociously executed. They call it ethnic cleansing. It brings to light, the reality of so many brave journalists who covered wars and are usually given little acknowledgment for their wartime efforts. Fact: Approximately 48 journalists were killed in the former Yugoslavia from 1991-1995.
In my opinion, Harrison's Flower is a better war movie than a love story. At the heart of this tale, it also shows the lengths to which a woman will go when presented with the slimmest of hope that her husband might still be alive. She abandons all reasons for love and instinct. Adrien Brody's character quoted" If we could all be so lucky to have a woman who love us that much." However, the whole premise was rather unbelievable when it comes to the romantic parts.
This could have been one of the best films but I felt it was marred by the farfetched romantic plot and Andie McDowell, she seem miscast as Sarah Lloyd. Adrien Brody turned in a luminous performance, it managed to keep me interested for a reasonable portion of its lengthy duration.
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