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January 17, 2017
The one film in the Harry Potter saga that is crippled by its moves from book to film: The Half-Blood Prince shifts focus away from the complex and compelling mission of Potter and Dumbledore to focus on the romantic endeavors of its teen heartthrobs. Resulting in a film that achieves plenty, but withholds what could have been so much more
January 17, 2017
Harry joins Dumbledore in a quest to discover details about Voldemort's past that could lead to his undoing in the future, all while the teenage trio deal with humorous and heartbreaking relationship woes. This sixth film deftly balances mystery, comedy, and romance for its first two hours, wisely slowing the pace to give its characters room to breathe and grow before thrusting them into the breathless, chilling, and genuinely heartbreaking last half hour. Michael Gambon here gives the definitive portrayal of Dumbledore, and the relatively lighthearted initial tone serve as a brilliant contrast to the earth-shattering encroachment of evil; it truly feels like there's something to lose, and the stakes are set high for the finale.

IS IT OKAY FOR YOUR KIDS? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is
rated PG. A central character is hit with a killing curse and dies;
friends and colleagues mourn around the body. A central character
drinks a potion that torments him mentally and emotionally; another
goes into convulsions when he accidentally imbibes poison. Several male and female characters kiss, at times passionately.

ANY WORTHWHILE MESSAGES? Telling the truth, even when it's painful,
often paves the way for the triumph of good.. Unity and light bring
hope which can dispel darkness and despair. Women like men who display chivalry and treat them with respect.
½ January 8, 2017
Another exciting chapter in the Harry Potter franchise filled with rich characters and fantastic set pieces.
Super Reviewer
January 7, 2017
David Yates & Co. have adapted another large Potter book exceptionally well, but I have the same gripes with the movie as I do with the book; nothing really happens. There's no solid story to cling to, but you do get 2 hours of boys and girls falling in and out of like, plus several scenes of Harry looking at memories and Malfoy being shifty. The lack of a build-up doesn't give the intended climax the punch it needs. A few aspects of the plot were lost in translation; for example, I agree with Yates that cutting out the Hogwarts skirmish will help place more importance on the bigger one to come, but it diminished the whole point of Malfoy spending the year mending the Vanishing Cabinet. But the cinematography is beautiful, the dialogue flows well, the characters sparkle, the special effects are enchanting, and this entry, like the previous one, stands on its own as a legit film, not just a dressed up, contractually obligatory adaptation. It's just unfortunate that this is not so much its own adventure as it is an obvious stage-setter for the seventh movie(s). I was still satisfied though, which is what counts most.
January 1, 2017
This was my least favorite but still good
December 31, 2016
161231: Harry Potter films cannot be watched while distracted. It took me two consecutive viewings of the Half-Blood Prince, the second with headphones, to catch all the intricacies of this detailed story. I am now determined to watch the remaining episodes in a similar fashion. Sound is the secret to film my friends, sound. The addition of some light humour, seeing Harry and his peers susceptible to the ways of the heart, lightened the dark tone of this sixth film. Secondary character Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) continues to intrigue and entertain. I am now eager for the resolution expected within The Deathly Hallows.
December 31, 2016
A superb addition to the series and feels more adult orientated
December 18, 2016
All water under the bridge

Go on bottoms up

My thoughts exactly!
December 6, 2016
About as good as Order of the Phoenix. Half-Blood Prince is well-developed and matures the series.
½ December 6, 2016
The Harry Potter franchise continues to steam towards its conclusion with The Half-Blood Prince. The stakes feel higher than ever, the tone is dark but never overbearing, the characters are still great, and the whole thing has a very effective self-aware humour about it. The takes several pops at not the only the character's situations, but also the plot itself, and they all had me laughing out loud. It's great that we can have a movie that is at once deadly serious and at times sweet and light-hearted. The second half isn't as sharp as the first, and lags a bit towards the end, but it's moments of grandeur, moments of character and moments of wonder make it one of the best in the series.
December 5, 2016
After proving to be the right man for the job Warner wanted, David Yates became the second director to return to the franchise, but after the mediocre job that the previous returning director did in "Chamber of Secrets", could Yates make a better job the second time around?

After the Ministry confrontation of the last film, wizarding world is afraid of Voldemortīs power. In this time of fear a glimpse of hope appears as Harry and Dumbledore find out a way to beat He Who Must Not be Named.

Let's get into this right away and skip the already mentioned praise of my reviews of the previous installments (including Yates' meticulous but hollow direction). Previously I considered the sixth chapter of the saga as a step up to from the fifth chapter but after revisiting this film I can say this film has the worst script of the saga as it is basically buildup as a mystery but in the first 10 minutes they literally spelled out the climax and in case if you missed it (which I don't even think is possible) they keep repeating it, so when some scenes try to foreshadow or reveal more information regarding the mystery they are pointless. In addition this chapter is desperate to be funny as it is the only film of the saga as it inserts clumsy/awkward teen comedy (these jokes are something you would see in films like "Mean Girls", "Bring it On" or some other teen film), plus they keep inserting needless romances (I think the filmmakers realize how useless and one note Ron has been throughout the saga so they give him a romance as Harry and Hermione had already pass that). But the biggest issue I have with this script is the fact it just keeps wasting precious time, I mean they could have easily integrated information of the last book or just streamline/delete some plot points, but instead they keep their attention on the unnecessary trash I already mentioned. But let's be fair and give credit where credit is due, I liked Jim Broadbent's character and I love the creative revelation regarding Lord Voldemort's weakness (granted, it shows that Rowling was making this story as she went along, but it solidly explains why this villain seems unkillable).

"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" is probably the worst film of the saga (it is my least favorite) as it has the worst script as it repeats some of the problems of its predecessor and keeps wasting time instead of wrapping up the story. While it's ending promises an interesting ending for the saga and has you question characters, the journey to get to that is not worth it.
December 4, 2016
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince can't help but feel slightly uneven given the fact that it returns to the PG-rated roots of earlier Harry Potter movies but nevertheless is an improvement over Order of the Phoenix thanks to performances as amazing as ever, visuals and special effects as stunning as always and as many laughs as Prisoner of Azkaban. The film also has moments of poignant drama and chilling moments the former being mostly as a result of the death of one of the most beloved characters in the books and movies to date.
½ December 3, 2016
the style of the movie is great i don't know why i liked too much this movie the scene on the cave was just awesome!!
December 3, 2016
This is Part 6 of the movie series. Alan Rickman is force to make an unbreakable vow in front of Helena Bonham Carter, to protect and help Tom Felton in his chosen mission. Michael Gambon visit old friend and colleague Jim Broadbent and persuade him to return to Hogwarts to teach potion. The truth is Michael need Daniel Radcliffe to get close to him and to find out the hidden memory of a conversation between him and young Voldermort as Tom Riddle. In his first lesson, Daniel found a textbook with better formula written inside and help him score well in the class, impress Jim. Meanwhile, Daniel and Bonnie Wright try to get their feelings known. Same goes for Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who got famous for his heroic goalkeeping in Quidditch and attracted a girl. Emma got jealous somehow. Helena attack the Weasley barn house during term break. Daniel manage to convince Jim for the memory and Michael is afraid that Voldermort has mastered the dark art of transferring his soul into 7 different items for safety. Michael and Daniel travel to a dark place to find another item but Michael is injured. Back at the school, Tom make use of the teleport cupboard to let Helena and others into the school. They confront Michael, who command Daniel to hide and not meddle no matter what. Alan appear and kill Michael with the forbidden death spell. The bunch burn Robbie Coltrane house. Daniel try to fight Alan but clearly isn't his match. He tell Daniel he is the half blood prince. The school mourn the death of Michael. Daniel says he is going to complete the task of Michael, with Emma and Rupert support.
November 23, 2016
I watched this is the movies!
November 22, 2016
It didn't feel like 2.5hrs. This one had some mystery about it.
November 21, 2016
Definitely the weakest of the bunch. On one hand, this film has lots of great elements and dark themes that expand on the story and prepare for a grand finale. But on the other hand, there's also a lot of tedious moments, and too much focus on the romance, for the film to equalize itself and make it worth the while. The characters are there and still fun to watch grow up, but the story is something of a mess (one great story continuously clashing with another story that's not so great). The atmosphere is still great, as are the visuals. It's a tolerable watch, and an entertaining one still. Just be ready for a bit of a chore to try and get through the other half of this film.
½ November 20, 2016
One of the better Harry Potter movies. I love this series and the world JK has crafted. This movie is the beginning of the movies getting a little darker.
½ November 15, 2016
I love the way that teenage love is treated in this film, despite the odd arrangement of its poorly explained, disjointed events. It's also hard to get into the plot when the "Half-Blood Prince" is only mentioned a couple of times, and in moments that are not central to the key conflict. Yet the chillingly spooky feel of this monumental part of the series leaves its greatest impression with a strict color palette of pale, brown, rust, and black.
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