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February 13, 2002
If you've ever heard the word "schizophrenic" used to describe a movie and you weren't exactly sure what that meant, the wartime drama Hart's War is a picture-perfect example.
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February 19, 2002
...it's not your typical war movie but I'm giving it thumbs down because I think its attempts to be different were quite frankly kind of ludicrous.
December 8, 2002
It's hard to know whether or not to recommend this film because for every thing it does right there's at least one and occasionally two things it gets ever so wrong.
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August 27, 2002
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February 15, 2002
More or less self-destructs in a ridiculous last few minutes when it becomes a noble sacrifice-o-rama.
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February 24, 2002
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February 15, 2002
As an actor's showcase, Hart's War has much to recommend it, even if the top-billed Willis is not the most impressive player. As a story of dramatic enlightenment, the screenplay by Billy Ray and Terry George leaves something to be desired.
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February 9, 2006
This earnest WWII escape story throws in a courtroom drama, but to nobody's advantage.
February 14, 2002
works on the whodunit level as its larger themes get lost in the murk of its own making
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February 14, 2002
Opens as promising as any war/adventure film you'll ever see and dissolves into a routine courtroom drama, better suited for a movie titled "Glory: A Soldier's Story."
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/4
February 25, 2002
... the film becomes too preachy and obvious in its patriotic and do-gooder intentions.
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February 14, 2002
Katzenbach's book collapses into phoniness at the end, and the movie -- which alters that ending -- is even phonier.
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February 14, 2002
Director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear) is merely arranging cliches in new patterns until the surprise ending blows enough pro-military fervor up the audience's ass to make Colin Powell call a halt.
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February 14, 2002
War is a film that tries to excel on several levels and falls flat on all of them.
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February 15, 2002
...a sluggish courtroom potboiler about racism, murder and due process.
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February 15, 2002
An earnest racial-issues picture that might have gotten respectful critical praise in a different era -- say, the '60s.
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February 14, 2002
Hart's War plays like its inmates look -- exhausted, fetid -- and it drags on and on, as endless as war itself.
August 28, 2002
As an American propagandistic attempt to market patriotism (or courage, or honor), it is arguably successful; by its own merits it is merely decent.
February 15, 2002
[A] mediocre effort that doesn't really have anything new to say or explore, but is relatively easy enough to watch and should benefit from the current patriotic atmosphere in the country.
Full Review | Original Score: 5.5/10
February 14, 2002
So predictably sanctimonious it feels like it's been sitting on the shelf since the 1950's, when big-name, naively feel-good message movies were a dime a dozen.
Full Review | Original Score: D-
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