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July 30, 2019
The charm of the play has been brought to the screen and all audiences should find it highly satisfying.
May 13, 2019
There's so many wonderful quotable quotes.
December 26, 2014
Elwood may be a drunk (or not -- does he ever actually take a drink?), and he may be delusional, but he is also happier, less neurotic, and more content than the so-called normal people who surround him and claim to be looking out for his best interests.
September 13, 2012
Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd is a soft-spoken philosopher and a friend to all -- he's quite disarming, and so is this movie.
August 15, 2011
A modest family film that lays on the sweetness a bit to heavily.
March 29, 2011
This is a happy movie and leaves a long, lingering warm glow.
March 29, 2011
Great performances lifts this movie above its stilted script and production.
August 3, 2009
Henry Koster might not have been the right director for this whimsical fantasy, based on the 1944 Pulitzer Prize-winning play, but Jimmy Stewart and especially Josephine Hull (in an Oscar-winning turn) are superb.
March 26, 2009
Harvey, Mary Chase's Pulitzer Prize play, loses little of its whimsical comedy charm in the screen translation.
March 4, 2008
March 16, 2007
March 25, 2006
If you're for warm and gentle whimsey, for a charmingly fanciful farce and for a little touch of pathos anent the fateful evanescence of man's dreams, then the movie version of Harvey is definitely for you.
March 18, 2005
March 16, 2004
What makes Harvey great is the fact that it's equally enjoyable as a piece of comedic fluff and as slyly intelligent social commentary.
December 16, 2003
December 9, 2003
Stewart, adorvel como sempre (talvez mais), encanta com sua 'insana' simpatia, enquanto Hull arranca boas risadas com o enrgico histerismo de sua personagem.
September 5, 2003
May 24, 2003
Despite the breezy nature of the story and the somewhat casual treatment of insanity, the film actually has a lot to say about the nature of loneliness and the importance of tolerance.
August 9, 2002
Odd, but charming.
July 30, 2002
A little gooey, but it mostly works
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