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January 19, 2011
Hatred of a Minute, inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe poem, produced by Bruce Campbell, small-supporting role by Gunnar Hansen, released by Anchor Bay one may question whether or not this movie is worth watching. Well, it's not. Unless you enjoy After-School-Specials about domestic violence.
May 20, 2004
[b]SHREK 2--[/b]8/10 I was so [i]wrong [/i]about this movie. I was sure it would be just okay, but it was hilarious. It was so much damned fun. I have to see this again because I'm sure I missed a lot, but what I[i] did [/i]see was wonderful.

The [b]COPS[/b] parody was so damned funny, and Antonio Banderas nearly stole the movie. Oh, such fun. I know I'll probably change this to a 9/10 :fresh:

[b]BAY OF BLOOD--[/b]No scares, poor transfer, some gore, too dark, blah blah blah. I didn't like it, okay? "Nuff said.

[b]HATRED OF A MINUTE[/b]--:rotten: 4/10. Hatred of this movie. :rolleyes: What terrible acting. *Note to self Bruce Campbell is sometimes wrong. He produced this shit. I almost sat through it again in order to listen to his commentary, but I couldn't. Very low budget, but damned silly.

Guy was brought up in an abusive home, with an alcoholic stepdad and a punching bag mom. As a result, he has imaginary friends, one good, one bad. The bad one looks like the guy from THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and the good one is a bit nerdy. Everytime he feels like doing evil, baldy shows up and he gives in to the impulse to kill or hurt people. His best friend is a cop and he has to track him down. Just a bad film. And how many times does this guy have to walk near the damned railroad tracks? It seems like he does it in every other scene. Not good.

[b]BLACK SABBATH--[/b]pretty good flick. 3 Tales hosted by Boris Karloff. First one is about a beautiful woman receiving threatening phone calls, second one is about a man who is bitten by a vampire and feeds on his family, third one is about a woman who steals a ring from a dead medium. Beautiful to look at, not very scary of course. A bit creepy at times.
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