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½ October 30, 2012
While it isn't Young Frankenstein by any means, still has hilarious one-liners and a few unforgettable scenes. If you can't handle the campiness, get out of the haunted mansion.
October 29, 2012
One of the best comedies ever, of course anything with Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner is bound to be great.
October 19, 2012
Haha, Gene Wilder is awesome. I want to see this just for him...
October 9, 2012
Awesome classic funny movie. Gene Wilder at his best!!!!!
½ September 24, 2012
Seeing that 'ghost' figure walking up the bedroom wall freaked me out, I was only a kid when I first saw this spooky comedy, not soo scary now but it's still funny!
June 26, 2012
not bad but not real good either
½ June 18, 2012
The end explains everything... lol
June 8, 2012
This movie has 3 comedy legends in it, Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, and Dom Deluise. Since I am a huge fan of all 3 of them, I had always wanted to see this movie. Its not as funny as I thought it would be but its still got a few parts in there that are laugh out loud funny. The movie doesnt hold up to well for a movie thats 25 years old but if youre a fan of old classic comedies, then check this one out. Even if youre not, you should see it just for the backstory on it. This is the movie where Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner met and this was also one of Gildas last movies since she started getting sick while making it and passed away 3 years later.
May 23, 2012
Very funny movie. Gene Wilder is always a great laugh! Silly, funny, movie!
May 11, 2012
I LOVE this movie! I just rented it again and it was only recently that I could fully appreciate the comedic genius that is Gene Wilder.
½ April 12, 2012
Gene Wilder is amazing...and especially Dom Deluise
½ March 31, 2012
Very cute film. Lacking the magic of a classic Mel Brooks' spoof, he would have made a fine director on this little comedy. Not all bad, but not all intriguing.
March 26, 2012
Ahh, well, at least Richard Pryor wasn't in it.
February 15, 2012
I liken this film to listening to Des O Connor's Greatest Hits. Give it a very wide berth.
½ January 11, 2012
very funny! Dom Deluise is so funny!
December 13, 2011
i think this is the movie ive been looking for for about a year now!! xD my boyfriend loves this type of humor and it was one of my favorites when i was little. im so excited to introduce him to another comedy classic!
October 21, 2011
I love this movie, even though SOME may not. I recommend everyone see it at least once!
½ October 1, 2011
A few laughs, but it's difficult to not compare it to the far superior Young Frankenstein. Sorry Mr.Wilder.
September 4, 2011
Really good, campy fun until the ending. It ruined a perfectly good movie.
½ June 30, 2011
Gene Wilder is back in the rut of sending up old film conventions in Haunted Honeymoon, a mild farce. Title is a misnomer, since set-up has radio actor Wilder taking his fiancee Gilda Radner out to his family's gloomy country estate to meet the kinfolk just before tying the knot. Clan is presided over by the tubby, genial Aunt Kate, played by Dom DeLuise, who maintains that a werewolf is on the loose in the vicinity. The gifted British actor Jonathan Pryce shows that he can manage an American accent, and Bryan Pringle gets some juice out of the role of the butler, who's on the juice most of the time. The funniest of the routines is an old but well-done number in which Mr. Wilder pretends that a couple of legs that don't belong to him are his own, in order to get the cops off the scent.

VERDICT: "Rental" - (Mixed to Negative reaction). These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre to see due to bad things that overcome anything good.
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