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December 30, 2006
May 29, 2003
A thriller that doesn't thrill.
May 23, 2003
An off-kilter 'romance' with a wicked streak of dark humor.
May 16, 2003
It's more clever than brilliant, but folding two radically different interpretations of a kind gesture, a chance encounter and a Nat King Cole song heard on a car radio is a great trick.
May 3, 2003
A dazzling diversion with dark undertones.
April 11, 2003
A pretty nifty mystery about deranged love, and if nothing is truly startling, it's still smartly put together and completely entertaining.
April 11, 2003
Tautou's portrait of delusion is painted with true conviction and with the sort of precise sense of detail that will make you either recall someone you've known who's just like her or be extremely thankful you can't.
April 4, 2003
Deeply creepy and richly satisfying.
April 4, 2003
Wickedly clever French psycho-thriller about romantic obsession.
April 4, 2003
A disappointment.
March 21, 2003
It's both a stylish exploration of a young woman's obsession and a refreshing tweak to the screen persona of that art-house darling, Audrey (Amélie) Tautou.
March 14, 2003
Made without the finesse or depth of character that would distinguish it from any number of American-made thrillers about homicidal spurned lovers.
March 10, 2003
This delightfully deranged love story should be required viewing for the smitten among us, not to mention the smiters.
February 28, 2003
Colombani knows how to stir strands of dark humor into a movie whose tone dances nimbly between the merry and the macabre.
February 27, 2003
In her novice effort, Ms. Colombani proves herself to be actor-friendly, audience-friendly and story-friendly.
February 21, 2003
Very little fun, and, even at ninety minutes, is easily thirty minutes too long.
February 20, 2003
As for Ms. Tautou, she demonstrates that she's much, much more than just another pretty face. You may love her or you may hate her, but you will never be bored by her.
February 19, 2003
The sharp reversal of direction represents more of a betrayal than a mere plot twist.
February 14, 2003
A story of love and obsession that makes for an intriguing cinematic experience on Valentine's or any other day.
February 14, 2003
An acerbic examination of erotic obsession, told from different perspectives, with wit, suspense and cold-blooded detachment.
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