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January 2, 2012
nawet penelope nie pomog?a tej g?owie
½ November 28, 2011
I like all three main actors. It was pretty boring though and pretty depressing. I hated the way it ended.
½ August 22, 2011
You certainly need patience to sit through the movie and if you do you'd realize what a wonderful movie that was about the love and friendship of three people.
½ August 4, 2011
long and takes itself far too seriously....still interesting story spanning 10+ years (20 if u count the opening bit)....its hard to dump on a movie with Charlize and Penelope in erotic scenes....worth seeing on a rainy afternoon
½ July 15, 2011
So much potential ... seemed like it was always about to get good ... just never did. Starts at various times to delve into each characters but always seems to stall out before it got interesting. Though it might go places but it never did ... ends up boring.
½ May 22, 2011
Could have been great - didn't quite pull it off.
April 29, 2011
not bad. interesting and kinda romantic but not really at the same time.
½ March 29, 2011
so lonnnnng. so bad. so didn't even finish it.
March 23, 2011
Fresh off her Oscar-winning turn in Monster, in which she cemented her acting credentials by fattening up and getting herself uglified to play serial killer Aileen Wournos, Charlize Theron dives back into tepid melodrama as Gilda Besse in this awful WWII flick. It defines vapid. Theron doesn't act, she just strikes all kinds of poses in the period costumes supplied by Mario Davignon. Writer-director John Duigan would like us to think he's interested in a spy caper that involves Gilda and two individuals who lust for her, they being Guy (Stuart Townsend) an idealistic Dubliner and Mia (Penelope Cruz) a nursing student and former stripper, both of whom leave Gilda in Paris as they go to fight with the Republican army in Spain. But first, Theron gets to do a topless bathtub scene with Cruz and Townsend, and sleeps with both of them. That makes it sound as if this movie has some real bite to it. It doesn't.
½ February 25, 2011
even a great cast can't save this one
January 26, 2011
threesome,war,separate and love.. 67% satisfied
January 19, 2011
Pretty good, worth watching.
½ December 31, 2010
very disappointed with this film! was expecting so much more from these talented actors! the storyline was boring and off-putting :(
November 7, 2010
Paprastas, nieko neprievartaujantis filmas apie karo metu jaunuolius su kiek issigimusia savo meile ir norais. Lengvai prasidejes sunkiai pasibaige. Nei gerai, nei blogai.
October 26, 2010
It was a better old fashioned WWII love story than I thought, even though it was no way near to being a classical epic. It tends to feel 3 hours long as there are several long spells of nothingness in betwwen important scenes, hence many will find this visually beautiful or very boring, I am a little in the middle.
Highnotes -
October 25, 2010
such a waste of talent and time and money...
stuart was better as lestat...and theron + cruz tried to do their bit.
if you are really curious or really bored only then watch it.
September 4, 2010
Head in the Clouds is a beautiful and well played out film about love and deception during World War Two. It is, to say the very least, unforgettable.
August 31, 2010
Singkatnya film ini mengisahkan kisah cinta segitiga di tengah peperangan. Mengetengahkan akting Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend dan si seksi Penelope Cruz ditambah dengan bumbu erotisme film ini memang menjanjikan. Paruh awal film ini kita akan diperkenalkan dengan karakter-karakter utamanya sebelum perang berlangsung. Kita akan menemukan karakter yang diperankan Theron sebagai anak orang kaya dan liar yang jatuh cinta pada tokoh yang diperankan Townsend, seorang mahasiswa pandai yang berdedikasi untuk berbuat sesuatu dalam hidupnya. Percintaan mereka dibumbui oleh hadirnya orang ketiga, yaitu Cruz sebagai kekasih bisexual Theron dan mereka bertiga pun hidup rukun satu atap. Menarik bukan? Tapi sangat sayang, film yang berjalan lambat ini terjebak dengan cerita opera sabun yang klise. Begitu peperangan dimunculkan, sama sekali tidak ada greget yang muncul dari atmosfir perang tadi, melainkan hanya adu argument yang monoton. Untungnya film ini diakhiri dengan ending yang lumayan, jika tidak anda akan dibuat kecewa karenanya.
½ July 28, 2010
Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz
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