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Uwe Boll's Heart of America: Homeroom is a drama about a massacre on the final day of the school year. The last day of school contains many problems for teachers and students alike. The principal must discipline an English teacher (Michael Paré) who has let his professional frustrations get the better of him, student Dara needs to score from the drug dealing Wex (G. Michael Gray), and a foursome of cruel athletes continues to torment the losers and nerds. Unbeknown to everyone else at the school, the eternally picked upon Daniel (Kett Turton) and Barry (Michael Belyea), as well as a third accomplice, are extensively armed and plan to unleash their fury on the school right after final bell. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi
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Director Uwe Boll is like a blind bus driver in the woods; it's inevitable that he'll crash into trees, several times, but he's going to pray that he can steer through it, not caring that he decapitated the passengers long ago.

Full Review… | July 24, 2010

Imagine the Columbine tragedy as translated into coloring book form...

Full Review… | December 27, 2004

Heart of America is categorically and undisputably the absolute best film Uwe Boll has ever made

November 28, 2004

Os jovens atores demonstram um talento surpreendente e o filme funciona muito bem, embora falhe com letreiros dispensáveis e a pregação excessiva. Há esperanças para Uwe Boll.

August 31, 2004
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While Elephant, on one hand, focused on the time and space factors that converge unrelated people to those tragic incidents, Uwe Boll is more concerned about the characters - and this is a sympathetic and surprisingly moving drama that relies on decent performances.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer


Loosely based on the Columbine High School Massacre, Heart of America is a train wreck of a film directed by Uwe Boll. Boll has had the reputation of being one of the worst directors working today, and I'll admit I did enjoy a few of his films, however this is among one of his debut films, and the execution of the film is one that is poor, and it is over the top ridiculous. Boll in recent years has been better, especially his recent efforts, Rampage and Assault on Wall Street. However with Heart of America, it's easy to see why he is a director who has polarized viewers with his work. The film takes a tragedy, and dumbs it down to low Budget, B movie trash, and every actor just overacts in their roles. The script is poorly fleshed out, the cast are poorly chosen, and the direction is sloppy. I always thought that Boll was the type of director who needs to mess it up many times before hand before he can actually make something at least worth seeing. Heart of America could have succeeded at being a great drama, but it ends failing because the script I felt was underdeveloped and the cast were boring, and tried too hard with lacking material. The result is a film that doesn't satisfy and you clearly that Boll's heart was in the right place in trying to make a good feature, but like his legacy has shown, of the nearly thirty features he has made, only four are actually worth seeing. Avoid this film and if you're looking for two great dramas that are based on school shootings, there is Gus Van Sant's Elephant, which is based on the Columbine events that is a far superior work, and Dennis Villeneuve's Polytechnique which is based on the 1989 Montreal University shooting. Both films are great and capture the tragedy in a brutal, yet subtle way. Heart of America is just a disjointed effort that tries far too hard at making a tragedy seem appealing to viewers. Avoid this film along with every other Video Game adaptation by Uwe Boll, and watch Assault on Wall Street and Rampage instead.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer


**1/2 (out of four) A disturbing and well meaning film about two students who decide that they are going out in a blaze of glory. They make a suicide pact with each other. On the last day of school they decide to enter the school and start shooting, taking as many students as they can with them. Obviously inspired by the Columubine shootings, the film, unfortunately, doesn't quite rise above the fair script. It pales in comparison to the Gus Van Sant film, "Elephant."

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

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