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February 25, 2017
Drama about best friends. One an artist who lost his long-time girlfriend and the other a man who has been non-committal to women. Never really saw the point of where this was going other than two friends who stick together even when one sleeps with the other's girlfriend. Film never followed up on Eli's dad dying and leaving him with a business in trouble.
½ December 13, 2010
Not a terribly exciting or intriguing romance drama for most of the movie, the film does get some traction 2/3rds of the way through. Has lots of Miami Vice qualities, not the least of which is the use of the band Tangerine Dream in the soundtrack to great effect. A local diner provides a common meeting ground for these two long time friends who's frienship is sorely tested over a common female relationship.

As a matter of fact, this eighties film uses all the same locations, moodiness, colors, pacing, camerawork and noirish qualities of the TV show Miami Vice. While not a crime drama, this one is a romantic love triangle between two very good friends and a woman. A coming of age film but not with teens, but with mid-thirty something guys.

There is really nothing really memorable, remarkable or gripping about this movie. It was Carol Waynes'(of Carson's Tonight Show fame) last film before she mysteriously died in Mexico. The plot is based somewhat on the real life artist Robert Blue.

A struggling artist loses his long time girlfriend over money squabbles but does eventually become successful. His friendship is incredibly strained with a now love seeking businessman and childhood friend over a woman (Carol Laure) at the art gallery. She flirts with both causing predictable, terrible results.

The word: Heartbreaker, the title, is used once by Carol Wayne in the film to describe the artist. This film is definately not to be confused with the later Heartbreakers with Gene Hackman made in 2001. Two totally different plots.

Not really able recommend this, as it seems a bit rambling until the very end. See it yourself and decide. Soundtrack includes tunes from Pat Benetar, Itta James, Otis Redding, Tangerine Dream. It may take two viewings to fully appreciate.

Directed by Bobby Roth

Peter Coyote
Nick Mancuso
Carol Laure (as the common love interest)
Carol Wayne as Candy
Music by Tangerine Dream (of TV's Miami Vice soundtrack)
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