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June 18, 2017
I was recently disappointed when I rewatched the original "Heavy Metal" film and I'd never actually seen this direct-to-video sequel before, but I again found myself disappointed. First, I was disappointed that this was not an anthology film like the original, and instead is one full-length story, which isn't really a bad thing, but wasn't what I was expecting. My second disappointment was with the film's rampant misogyny. This was the main detraction from my recent rewatching of the 1981 original film. I was thinking that a follow-up film made 20 years later might instead focus on science fiction and less on buxom ladies in various states of dress, but that is not the case. The film is based on the comic "The Melting Pot" by Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame, Simon Bisley of 2000AD fame, and Eric Talbot. The story involves a Julie Strain voiced character avenging the destruction of her home world and also rescue her sister from a smarmy villain voiced by Michael Ironside. And this is all the fault of the Loc-Nar, the evil storytelling orb from the first film, when a shard of it is discovered. Billy Idol is the only other well known actor in the film. And heavy metal music is, of course, prominently features on the soundtrack. An extra half star for Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stoneage, Bauhaus (not heavy metal), but the rest of bands I didn't really care for.
December 19, 2016
Nearly 20 years after the first original Heavy Metal movie, the movie Heavy Metal 2000 is released. The story for Heavy Metal 2000 is finding the key to grant immortality. A mysterious space time fluid grants a person immortality, but the downside is that drinking this liquid causes one to go insane. A crystal is said to be the key to unlocking unlimited a fountain containing infinite source of the liquid. An excavator Tyler comes across the key accidentally as he is mining. He becomes insane instantly, and begins killing everyone in his path as he searches for the source of the liquid with the key at hand.

The heroine of the film Julie is located in Eden, and Tyler kills her father, and captures his sister in the process and hunt for the liquid source. Julie vows to get revenge and she travels where Tyler goes to kill him. She chases him across, futuristic cities, molten lava planets, and a desert planet Oroboris. She finds him especially hard to kill as he is able to take vials of the liquid and maintain temporary immortal status. To make matters worse Tyler acquires an army of vile armored lizards, and he plans to do an all attack on unlock the permanent key for immortality. . The film ends with a violent battle between the lizards and the protectors of the key, and of course Julie and Tyler.

Heavy Metal 2000 is by no means a film anyone should take super seriously to be enriching or enlightening. The story is pretty one dimensional, but it is entertaining enough. Julie makes for a sexy heroine, and the metal infused tracks in the background combine well enough for the movie's purposes. The soundtrack includes artists such as Monster Magnet, Pantera, System of the Down, Sinisstar and Billy Idol to name a few. The animation is off and on throughout the film and is particularly rough in the computer animation sequences. Julie's design and character keep the film afloat, but the film is a far cry from the originality of the first film.

½ October 9, 2016
While the animation was clearly better than what was contained within the first movie, the actual action scenes, the creativity of the storyline, the suspense within the storyline, etc., was far inferior to the first movie. That is to be blamed, at least primarily, on the directors! They had more to work with, including a lot more potential, and they still screwed it up. Plus, the animation suffered bc of the amalgamation of at least three different kinds of animation...

1. "Wolverine and the X-Men" style animation which serves the basic purpose of telling the storyline but is, nonetheless, nothing to write home about.

2. Realistic/semi-realistic looking animation, much of which can be seen in fireball/explosion scenes and in certain dark area's such as on walls in hallways & in corners. I've personally seen so many cartoons use such animation, in particularly in fireball & explosion scenes, that it has become tired and old. Seeing this type of animation used in darkened corners, hallways, tunnels, etc., is, at least for me, virtually unheard of and was actually kind of cool. But, they didn't use it enough, and more importantly...in the right ways, to make the movie look or feel really any better at all and the usage of it in the fireball/explosion scenes made the movie feel like it was shot on a shoestring/trailer trash budget...

3. CGI animation, which looked cool but this didn't do anything to increase the coolness of the movie. And it was actually quite annoying given the reality that it is just a gimmick to make the movie look cool when the movie as a whole is more of a joke than anything else.

The storyline seemed to move towards making some specific connection with the original Heavy Metal on two or three fronts but, they never actually made any such connection so, with all of them it was only implied, & not even all that much...

The storyline, what with the glowing color of the object, the orb, from the first film and the color of the glowing crystal from this film; as well as the costume that this main character wears towards the end of the film. That costume bears some resemblance to the costume worn by the main character in the first film... And then there's the soundtrack. The soundtrack from the first film was practically a character in the movie! This time around however it doesn't even come close. I did notice something at about 30 minutes in, where the main character and her sidekick make their way through a space-station to find the bad guy, some of the background animation looked similar to some of the artwork on at least one Iron Maiden album, specifically "Somewhere In Time"; but, it only lasts for a few seconds total. Honestly, they really didn't even try!

In fact, while I like some of the bands that are on the soundtrack for this movie, the way that the songs were produced & structured into the film is a BIG pathetic joke, at best... And it always helps that they choose Pantera to be on the soundtrack, one of, if not the, most overrated band(s) in all of popular music over the last 15 years! Their support for white supremacy has SOLIDIFIED that for them...

It would have been great if they had linked the two films in some significantly discernible way, such as by making the storyline in this film take place hundreds to hundreds of thousands of years after the storyline in the first film, although they would have needed to mention that for it to have significance and it would be necessary to solidify the connection in some way, such as by putting the big statue of the main character/warrior holding the sword, in the first film, into this movie. And then even more so by making that statue a focus of the story, such as with a specific subplot. They did seem to imply something but, they made no actual connection and, then, what with the animation & the, overall, mediocre, at best, soundtrack, this movie comes off as a substandard soft-porn science fiction joke...

August 29, 2016
Unlike its predecessor, it only tells one story, and by the time this came around nothing in it was impressive, as anime like Akira&GitS easily make this seem like an R-rated Disney cartoon.
If you're looking for a 'true' successor to the original heavy metal, I recommend the Animatrix.
August 23, 2016
Nearly 2 decades later a sequel to he cult classic "Heavy Metal" was released, now how does it stack up? One positive thing is its now a single story instead of multiple segments with a wrap around story. Its not a perfect, deeply written story but its easy to follow. The voice actors do a good job as well, no one really sounds out of place. The music is good but not as good as the original. The animation is a mixed bag. The 2-D tradition hand drawn animation is fine but they mix in 3-D animation that looks out of place and is very dated. Overall "Heavy Metal 2000" is a better made film in some ways than its original but not as memorable.
½ July 4, 2016
Why? Bad music, bad acting, bad story, bad animation. Cheap.
½ June 21, 2016
A to 2D rating R movie? Give me a break
October 17, 2015
Not an anthology like the first film, thus loosing the creative aspect of the animation, but the more solid storyline is more fulfilling, even though it's a rip of the final segment from the first film. The animation isn't as eye-catching, if not generic. Same trashy elements, same guilty fun, but it's less to leave with. Soundtrack is forgettable.
½ May 1, 2015
Cartoons don't have to be for kids! Now the animation isn't up to par with other animated films but those films tend to have 2-6 times the budget this film had. The cast works and the background art reminds me why i question why people were so impressed with Avatar. There's no pointless m Night twist on the story and this film has an awesome soundtrack. So, why only a three and a half? because given the fact that this did not get a theatrical release the could have, and should have, made it as graphic and intense as the graphic novel adaptation. It gives you what you expect, but you'll demand more so 3.5 out of five.
March 25, 2015
Nothing special to say about this!
February 11, 2015
The original Heavy Metal film was a classic film, so any sequel to that film would naturally have a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, what we ended up getting was a low-budget rehash of the "Taarna" plot from the original film, reduced to the level of bad film-making brought to uncomfortable lows. The producers have obviously cut corners everywhere possible. The characters are one-dimensional at best, and the acting is even worse. The story is tired and cliché-ridden, with none of the enchantment or the energy of the first film. In fact, the writing is so terrible that the film frequently has to resort to abject sleaze and gore. The film itself looks like a cheaply made Saturday morning cartoon with terrible 3D effects (which I'm pretty sure is where most of the budget went). The film's pacing and atmosphere is also hindered by the bad scene transitions, which always seem to take you out of the film. The film is obviously more violent than its predecessor, but this time, it's all completely shallow. Everything in the film seems to be a poor attempt to rehash the plot of the "Taarna" vignette found in the original Heavy Metal. Variety and creativity are what made the original Heavy Metal movie great, and this film has neither, and the end result is a film that only a horny redneck teenager would like. Aside from the music, nothing about this straight-to-DVD disaster is even worth mentioning. It's an embarrassment not just to everyone who was involved in its production, but also to anyone who's had the misfortune of seeing it.
December 25, 2014
Fuck this movie kicks ass.
½ December 20, 2014
A HUGE step down from the first heavy metal but, I still enjoyed every minute of it.
½ November 2, 2014
This nothing like the original. The art style is different, the heavy metal songs are more modern and the worst of the metal songs from 2000. Seriously, it's like they picked the worst songs they had to work with and some of them from bands with far better and more popular songs. It's also no longer an anthology but more of one story where it's pretty similar to other fantasy/science fiction stories out there. However, I sill enjoyed it a bit and don't think it's as bad as people say it is. It still feels like a run-of-the-mill science fiction/fantasy with a revenge story, but not awful to the point of being unwatchable.
Super Reviewer
October 9, 2014
Though just as gratuitous and violent as the first film, Heavy Metal 2000 tries something a little different. Instead of an anthology, this time a single story is told; after her world is attacked by a mad warmonger Julie chases him across the stars seeking revenge. Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, and Billy Idol lead the cast and give pretty good voice performances. The animation style is also fairly well-done, but can be a little flat at times. However, the music is unremarkable and doesn't really add much to the film. While it's somewhat entertaining, Heavy Metal 2000 is a wholly unnecessary sequel that doesn't do anything for the series and lacks the unique style and tone of the original.
½ September 28, 2014
Just a bad and joyless retread of the 1981 cult classic with an unmemorable soundtrack.
July 14, 2014
Its Unrelentingly noisey & unecceaerly cruel . Plus the only thing resembling a story arc here was how the female hero ends up wearing less and less clothing as the film went on.
July 2, 2014
It may be better than its predecessor but the film does not feel like a heavy metal movie. A bit less sexist a bit better animation (obviously). it is still not memorable in any way
May 28, 2014
A truly sub-par follow-up to cult-classic original, Heavy Metal 2000 is deficient on almost every level from storyline to characters to music. Perhaps the animation has advance, but that does little to make this seem like more than an effort to cash in on a cult classic.
May 20, 2014
Worse than the original, full of eye rolling tropes but with a few interesting casting choices (Billy Idol, Michael Ironside and the fantastic 'queen of the Bs' Julie Strain). Unfortunately the convoluted plot and lackluster action kicks it out of the 'so bad it's good category, unlike its 1981 predecessor.
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