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March 2, 2012
"Shabbat Shalom motherf******!" A hilarious movie if you know what they're saying half the time.
February 18, 2012
I didn't even watch the whole thing and I can tell you how stupid this movie it is. In the first 2 minutes, about every Jewish stereotype is used and they make Catholics seem like they're the worse person in the world. It wasn't even funny and I turned it off after about 30 minutes.
February 18, 2012
Hypocrisy at it's finest.
December 10, 2011
A Jewxploitation film?! This could only be hilarious. Granted, it tries to be bad, so it's very campy. Now I'm not really a "bad movie" kind of dude, but as far as "bad movies" go, it's pretty solid. I got most of the jokes, and I'm not Jewish :-O Adam Goldberg (Mellish from Saving Private Ryan) is the Hebrew Hammer, and Andy Dick is Santa...I mean, come on, where else could this happen? O, and Kitty from Arrested plays the token chick. You'll laugh, you'll sigh, and you may even cry cuz you're laughing so hard. :]
December 2, 2011
There are laughs to be had, makes a good play on stereotypes and captures the blaxplotation style nicely. However, some of the jokes are old and have been done endlesly, and others run too long and lose efectiveness.

On the acting side, Andy Dick should never find work again: he used to be funny (15 years ago), but now he's gone as far as to ruin almost every scene he's in. Everyone else is capable, though Peter Coyote seems below his standard.

Again, it's a fun movie, but don't expect to roll on the floor or anything.
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November 29, 2011
Great low-budget film that is one of the best examples of modern exploitation. Hilarious take on Christmas and the whole private-eye range of films, such as "Shaft". I'm not Jewish, and I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
October 2, 2011
Normally I do not like movies where the plot can't take itself seriously. The exception, of course, is when a movie is funny enough that I can forget to take it seriously. And that exception is this movie. Despite all the stereotypes and such, I did enjoy this movie enough to find it pretty funny. For a good laugh, I definitely recommend it, but its audience tends to gravitate towards Jewish people because there is a lot of things in this that I think non-Jews wouldn't understand.
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August 15, 2011
Great low-budget film that is one of the best examples of modern exploitation. Hilarious take on Christmas and the whole private-eye range of films, such as "Shaft". I'm not Jewish, and I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
July 18, 2011
Clever... almost too clever. It's definitely not anti-semetic, but it does seem to be anti-gentile. Still, a great cast and a hilarious (as usual) performance by a villainous Andy Dick makes it worth sitting through.
June 8, 2011
IF you're jewish and you have a sense of humour you will LOVE this.
The quotes are hilarious, the idea is amazing and everything is well done
I've watched this probably 50 times, grew up with it and love every single joke.
Theres a lot of jew jokes that are hard to get if you're not a heeb but they just slide by if you dont get the reference, therefore I find it 5 times as funny as my gentile friends...but they still love it
I hope someday Ill be able to produce a movie like this
A must for jews who like silly comedies, it's pretty political too
June 7, 2011
This movie is dumb... but it was dumb funny.
May 9, 2011
When I saw this in the.DVD shop I figured I would either love it or hate it.
½ April 15, 2011
Entertaining for jews, goys, shiksas and antisemites, The Hebrew Hammer is dull in parts due to its overwhelmingly small budget but makes up for it with its blackploitation approach with equal whimsy.
March 14, 2011
I think this worked because Adam Goldberg is not your typical funnyman.

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½ March 12, 2011
The Hebrew Hammer was a mostly funny movie and most of its jokes were good. Some of the jokes could have been better but they did a good job with it. If you like this movie i recommend watching Black Dynomite, another movie making fun of blaxploitation films.
March 5, 2011
cheesy stoner flick. some cheap laughs though.
February 10, 2011
Not that funny as it sounds but great for entertaining.
January 25, 2011
Ha ha ha, Undercover Brother for the yiddish, funny bone tickling sequence complete
January 13, 2011
Meanwhile... Back at the Jewish Justice League.
January 11, 2011
when it's's very very funny.
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