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July 22, 2008
Even if you do not agree with the message that the Hell House haunt is purveying, you will find the Hell House documentary fascinating.
June 21, 2007
The tour of the house itself is a surreal mix of cheap gore and religious zeal. It's a penetrating look into life in rural Texas, and a thoroughly enjoyable, disturbing, and darkly-funny film to watch.
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January 15, 2005
I encourage everyone to watch it and discuss the difference between Christ's ministry and the 'ministry' of these high-pressure gospel salesmen.
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October 9, 2003
The whole thing's like a Jack Chick comic tract come to life, and it would be easy to condescend to, but director George Ratliff has not done so.
May 25, 2003
Perhaps it is as Albert Einstein said, 'Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.'
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
May 8, 2003
It is a strength of a documentary to disregard available bias, especially as temptingly easy as it would have been with this premise.
April 5, 2003
By focusing on the basic decency of these people [Ratliffe] exquisitely captures the irony of a community at odds with its god's message of unconditional love.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
March 10, 2003
It's up to you to decide whether to admire these people's dedication to their cause or be repelled by their dogmatism, manipulativeness and narrow, fearful view of American life.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
January 16, 2003
A tad controversial, Hell House doesn't exist to cast stones, but rather document their hurlers.
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January 8, 2003
A life-size reenactment of those Jack Chick cartoon tracts that always ended with some hippie getting tossed into the lake of fire.
November 19, 2002
Despite what anyone believes about the goal of its makers, the show ... represents a spectacular piece of theater, and there's no denying the talent of the creative forces behind it.
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November 15, 2002
Frightening, well-done documentary.
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November 14, 2002
For anyone unfamiliar with pentacostal practices in general and theatrical phenomenon of Hell Houses in particular, it's an eye-opener.
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November 14, 2002
As a director, Mr. Ratliff wisely rejects the temptation to make fun of his subjects.
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November 14, 2002
Ratliff's two previous titles, Plutonium Circus and Purgatory County show his penchant for wry, contentious configurations, and this film is part of that delicate canon.
Full Review | Original Score: 85/100
November 12, 2002
Lookin' for sin, American-style? Try Hell House, which documents the cautionary Christian spook-a-rama of the same name.
October 31, 2002
It is to director George Ratliff's credit that he refuses to exploit the Trinity folks or depict them as freaks.
October 29, 2002
This is more fascinating -- being real -- than anything seen on Jerry Springer.
October 25, 2002
Often hilarious, well-shot and, importantly, entertaining, Hell House is a fascinating document of an event that has to be seen to be believed.
October 18, 2002
The Trinity Assembly approaches the endeavor with a shocking lack of irony, and George Ratliff's documentary, Hell House, reflects their earnestness - which makes for a terrifying film.
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