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Fearless mercenary Max (Ray Park) recruits stealth assassin Ryu (Johnny Bosch) and the last remaining Templar Knight Cain (Esteban Cueto) for an infernal mission to take out the ultimate opponent - Satan himself. Should they fail, these three valiant warriors will watch as the gates of Hell are thrown open, and darkness washes over the world.
Action & Adventure
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Ray Park
as Max
Rich Cetrone
as Samael
Dan Southworth
as Tetsuro
Ingrid Sonray
as Carmen
Randy Hall
as George
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It apparently takes 3 directors to piece together Hellbinders. Mitch Gould, Hiro Koda, and David Wald each take a character to unleash on the oni. There is a 90 minute story concept with promise. Told with some comic book panel visuals and narrations, Hellbinders receives minor points for style, but ultimately, the production value is its big hindrance. Uninteresting settings and mediocre dialogue only goes so far at telling the story. The action is stylized with some quick sword and gun play, which is a plus. The choreography may be bundled with low budget effects, but it doesn't seem that bad in the grand scheme of things. While not the greatest of actors, Ray Park, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Esteban Cueto do the best they can with the script. Nothing stands out, but it ain't the end of the world. Hellbinders shows potential, but never evolves into anything worth viewing.

JY Skacto
JY Skacto

Super Reviewer

A cool action-fantasy that delivers the goods. It's a very stylish piece of independent action film in a slick comic book style but if it had a bigger budget it would of looked and felt better. Ray Park is just awesome to watch, he makes this character his own and delivers in a big way with humor and style. I wish he had more roles in action movies these days to show off his charisma. Hellbinders is a entertaining film that has lots to offer if you can keep an open mind and try to accept the low budget effects

Al S
Al S

Super Reviewer

I recently had the opportunity to check out Hellbinders released by Maverick Entertainment. This movie is packed with some big name action stars. First there's Ray Park (Max) who played Darth Maul and Toad in the First Xmen, then there's Johnny Yong Bosch (Ryu) from Power Rangers, and finally Estaban Cueto (Cain) who was in XXX, Bloodrayne, and The Scorpion King. Hellbinders is clearly a low budget action film, but the quick moving fight scenes are very well choreographed, and these talented actors make it look real. I personally enjoyed how the movie was shot with comic book transitions; it reminded me of Sin City. A soulless mercenary, an elite assassin, and the last remaining member of the long dead Knights Templar are our last defense from the greatest evil of all, the devil. There's only one way to stop these demon spawns from rising from hell and possessing good people of earth and that's by kicking some serious demon ass. And ass-kicking is what this movie is all about. The plot of this movie seems to be a minor underscore compared to the ridiculous amount of awesome fights sequences. It's very well shot for an indy film, but I think they could have gone a little lighter on all the CGI effects, raw fight scenes are so much better than computer created fireballs and lasers. But all in all I'd definitely recommend this movie. It's a great flick with an easy plot to follow and it lets you sit back and just enjoy the devastation. Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up! Available on DVD everywhere May 4, 2010. -Justin Acita *Sponsored Post

Mike Jones
Mike Jones

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