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When the puzzle box is solved and the gates of hell are cast open, an old nemesis must prevent the fearsome Cenobites from turning the Earth into a flaming pit of eternal torment in this installment of the long-running Hellraiser series. In his entire demonic history, only Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Lawrence) has ever had the power to defeat the mighty Pinhead (Doug Bradley). Now that the puzzle has been solved again, Pinhead is back, and Kirsty must summon the powers of light to defeat the fury of hell and send her old nemesis screaming into the fire.


Ashley Laurence
as Kirsty Cotton
Doug Bradley
as Pinhead
Ken Camroux
as Ambrose
William S. Taylor
as Det. Michael Lange
Trevor White
as Bret Spiner
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Gwen Stevens
Michael Rogers
as Det. Mitch Givens
Dale Wilson
as Surgeon
Gus Lynch
as Boyfriend
Kyle Cassie
as Paramedic
Alec Willows
as Janitor
Brenda McDonald
as Angular Nurse
Basia Antos
as Woman in Window
John B. Destry
as Detective No.1
Sarah Hayward
as Stitch Cenobite
Nancy J. Lilley
as Bound Cenobite
Scott Swanson
as Hapless Soul
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  • Apr 09, 2015
    Lemarchand's box was open once again and Pinhead is back. The sixth entry to the beloved franchise focused on a Kirsty's boyfriend and the strange happening surrounding him. Possibly the weakest entry with almost no screen time of any cenobites, the gore was used for no reason and the plot was very weak too. It's disappointing to see Winters doing such a terrible job.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Oct 16, 2010
    Obviously by the sixth entry of a franchise, scriptwriters seem to be scratching at the bottom of the barrel. This is the case with the sixth entry of the Hellraiser Franchise. Hellseeker is a wasted opportunity and feels like a made for TV film. People say this is worth watching because it brings back Kristy, the main character from the first three Hellraiser films back into the fold. The problem is, she's only back, but briefly. She plays an important role in this film, and the story does focus on her character, but if she's so important to the overall storyline, why is she on screen for less than 10 minutes? What a waste. The acting is pretty bad, even by direct to video standards, and the dialogue seems fake, and the interaction between the characters doesn't feel right. Also a thing that bothered me, was the virtual absence of the Cenobites, Pinhead shows up 35 minutes in and has barely enough screen time. Hellseeker is a terrible sequel, and is a waste of celluloid. Everything about this film is bad, not even Doug Bradley or Ashley Laurence where able to save this dreadful film. Clive Barker should have put his foot down, because this film is a mockery of Clive Barker's original masterwork. What makes this more insulting is that on the back of the DVD, it says that this film is far better than the original, yeah right.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2010
    One of the better movies in the Hellraiser Series, Out of the other 5 only the 1st one is better then this. Only one we see in this one is Pin Head and he makes few appearances, but the story is pretty good, more of a murder mystery with a huge twist at the end. Some pretty good nudity at times from a distance. Nothing really over the edge or scary, but its worth 4 Stars
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 17, 2009
    Followed the style of "Inferno", also having a tortured character as the main protagonist. Many twists and turns, and Pinhead is, as expected, back to collect more souls. Unlike "Inferno", "Hellseeker" have some boring sequences, and also quite forgettable. But Ashley Laurence's reprisal of her character Kirsty Cotton earned a star in my 3-star rating...
    Ivan D Super Reviewer

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