Hellraiser: Hellworld Reviews

February 1, 2006
Somewhere within Hellraiser: Hellworld there's a film with a lot of potential. It just didn't come across that way onscreen.
December 24, 2005
October 17, 2005
The weakest kind of equivocal garbage.
September 22, 2005
There's a lot less story to Hellworld, although it does deliver in the sordid elements you'd want from a horror film - sex, violence and nudity.
September 12, 2005
At one point Lance Henriksen says to another character, 'Like a bad horror movie, isn't it?' Very true.
September 12, 2005
The main characters wander into every room they don't belong in, and following the Hollywood guidebook for the terminally clichd, they always wander alone.
September 3, 2005
Director Rick Bota and screenwriter Carl V. Dupr brought their A game with inventive little twists and shocks all throughout the gory proceedings.