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½ September 8, 2010
Any movie that can keep you glued to the tube for 6 hours has got to be worth seeing. I own it on VHS and wish I had it on DVD. Sex, Humor, Drama and wonderful storyline.
March 12, 2005
Criminally neglected---this adaptation of Henry Fielding's groundbreaking novel is much truer to the book than the celbrated Albert Finney version. Both are entertaining---but the sixties version comes off more as Jane Austin Powers--a melange of sixties attitudes and 18th century manners. It almost seems silly to me now. Because this was a 5 hr. miniseries, there is ample time to explore the nuances that Fielding intended. Considered to be the first English novel ever written---I think it is still the best! Shakespearean in breadth and wit, the plot is woven with unmatched dexterity. The cast is very good, also. Brian Blessed as Squire Weston chews up the scenery with abandon. For those of you who like a good story---you can't do any better than "Tom Jones."
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