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December 27, 2016
Alain Resnais proves at 87 years old that he still has a lot of imagination, delivering this curious nonsensical fable that plays with the conventions of the genre and with our expectations, and the result may feel like not much but is daring enough to be worth our time.
½ December 17, 2015
Alain Resnais that gave us so great film like "Hiroshima my love" or "Last year in Marienbad", after all this time take a lot of licenses and made this film in the border of quantum uncertainty, using a narrator, because without him we could get lost in the labyrinths of the story. Weird, refreshing and defiant for the mind.
January 20, 2015
Another ridiculous French movie. Plot ran out 3/4 way through and then evaporated. 2 stars til the middle
½ June 15, 2014
im not redoing this again
September 29, 2013
This is a strange movie. It almost demands that you treat it like a thriller, your mind spinning with the possibilities of what might happen next. But it is better viewed without all that internal noise. Just sit back, relax into Zen repose and let the movie flow over you.
½ August 1, 2013
I really have to learn to judge whether to see a movie or not by the audience liked it number (here 38%) instead of the Tomatometer (here 66%). I must agree with one of the audience reviewers who said the director (who once made real masterpieces such as Hiroshima Mon Amour, which, incidentally, I loved) must have become senile, because this is an absurd mess. The leading lady is 60 (her real age when the film was made--I looked up all the actors ages) and looks like she borrowed Ronald MacDonald's wig, but she so fascinates the leading man, who is supposed to be 50, is actually 64 and looks 84, that he falls in love with her, even though he has a 46 year old wife at home who looks like a 35 year old beauty queen. What idiot cast this travesty? And what woman in her right mind would just have to meet this nut job AFTER he's slashed all four of her car tires instead of running to the closest judge for a restraining order? The little girl who appears at the very end and, apropos of nothing in the plot, asks her mother if she can eat cat crunches says it all about this movie.
½ March 16, 2013
Well, that was like some crazy French fever dream or something. W-E-I-R-D
August 7, 2012
Les Herbes Folles is an odd film. The first part of the film is replete with deadpan humour and bizarre situations. The second half of the film channels a bit of Pierrot le Fou and tries to leave the audience guessing. Director Alain Resnais leaves the audience guessing, providing a Hollywood ending followed by the ārealā? ending five minutes later. Two random strangers are connected by a lost wallet and become infatuated with each other. There is a sense that Georges, who found the wallet, is hiding something but it is never totally revealed, only suggested. Marguerite initially wants nothing to do with him but later cannot keep Georges out her mind.

Non-sequiturs jar the audience concentration throughout the film and there is frequent use of symbolism. A broken fly along with an out of control plane, a man repainting his house as he tries to renovate himself. Some moments are absurd, like a party in the police station keeping officers from their duties or a dentist wilfully causing patients pain. The world is a random, crazy place.

The audience plays the role of observer, due to overhead shots or shots filming people from behind. The camera pans from one corner of the room to another and it is obvious several minutes have elapsed. The narrator shows the thoughts of the characters, their doubts, and second thoughts, instead of being an all-knowing voice. I think that these directorial strategies were instrumental in grabbing the attention of the audience and helping them relate to the characters.
½ April 19, 2012
Interesting story with wired characters that you don't get to know quite enough to really care.
January 8, 2012
????? ????? ????? ???? ? ????? .. ?????? :)
January 4, 2012
despite the ambiguous ending and strange plot, a beautiful and delicate film.
½ December 6, 2011
I don't understand why you rated this 67%.
Really, I don't
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October 10, 2011
A man haltingly pursues a woman whose wallet he found.
If this is the French New Wave, then I should start watching the Old Wave. In Wild Grass there is so little attention paid to good exposition that I found myself lost, wondering about the characters' relationships to each other even after the first act was a memory. And the performance by Andre Dussolier does little to reveal his character's motivations. Performances like these are good when the story is clear and solid, but Resnais's concentration is on that which is unclear, so the sum is a character who behaves strangely but whose motivations for his strangeness remain a mystery, unconnected to the random shots of weeds. And when he yells and snaps in a romantic story we wonder what the whole point is.
Overall, there are people who find this absurdist alienation interesting and refreshing, but I'm not one of them.
½ July 20, 2011
a lost wallet , a man with family and a single female dentist...Alain Resnais , in his 88 years , behind the camera . the living legend of cinema , old but also modern , give us another film . warm and soft touching , romantic disposal but and an elegant irony , confirming the minimal distance who separates the wise of a very old man from an innocent kid
½ June 25, 2011
Interesting drama, funny in a weird way.
½ June 15, 2011
It began pretty good but then it just went bad.
May 9, 2011
It started off really strong, but there were way too many loose ends for me to ever really invest in it. The tone of the film was also loose - I couldn't decide if it was a creepy scary or a romantic comedy. I found it frustrating and difficult to watch, and there was no pay off at the end. It was very inventive, and there were some interesting performances, but overall I can't recommend it.
April 12, 2011
well shot, difficult to follow.
March 13, 2011
Look, I don't need everything spelled out for me, I don't need the characters to be likable, I just need events and behavior to make some fucking sense within the world the filmmaker is presenting. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in this movie acts as if they are out of their cotton-picking minds. It's been a long time since I've seen Resnais' "Last Year In Marienbad" (I also recall praying for that movie to end). Maybe it's my problem, I don't get him, and I don't get this. All I'll say is that I watched "RED", starring Bruce Willis, earlier this week and I'd prefer watching Helen Mirren mowing people down with a machine gun over one minute of this lofty nonsense.
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