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December 7, 2013
This was fascinating and musically thrilling to watch. Some of the world's best musicians, usually separated by genre, work together to produce new combinations. It is Hancock who brings them together, working with whatever they offer -- sometimes just a sequence of notes or guitar riff, other times a well-drafted song or arrangement -- to generate astonishing new music. I just loved this!
September 7, 2013
Ignore the critics. If you're a fan of music, especially jazz and/or any of the incredible guests on this record, you'll enjoy this documentary. I've searched for good music documentaries for a long time and this is up there on my list for sure.
August 21, 2012
Pay no attention to the critics reviews. Great movie that shows a genius and his amazing counterparts work through the creative process of making an improvisational and diverse collaboration album. Great watch if you have Netflix.
August 8, 2010
I am a die hard herbie Hancock fan but possibilities is such a bad album.
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