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Herbie Rides Again Quotes

  • Willoughby Whitfield: Good morning, Miss Milicent.
    Secretary: Good morning.
    Willoughby Whitfield: Mrs. Steinmeintz!
    Secretary: I told you that Mr. Hawk was busy.

  • Alonzo Hawk: (He's in Rome; he sees the Coliseum) What a location.
    Taxi Driver: Ah, see, the mighty Coliseum. The Glory of Rome. Doesn't stir your imagination?
    Alonzo Hawk: You bet it does, baby. Do you realize what a shopping center we can put up there? Plenty of parking, too.

  • Alonzo Hawk: (being stopped by a policeman in traffic) The traffic commissioner shall hear of this!
    Traffic Commissioner: I *am* the commissioner.
    Alonzo Hawk: Then what are you doing in that monkey suit? A traffic commissioner would dress in dignified clothes.
    Traffic Commissioner: This happen to be my dress uniform. I was on my way to the ceremony for I Am A Policeman Day.

  • Secretary: I'm sorry, Mr. Hawk. I called the motel but they said that your nephew checked out.
    Alonzo Hawk: (angrily) What do you mean he's checked out? When? Where? Who told him that he could check out? How dare that he disappear when he knows that I'm worried sick? I'll tear his chicken-livered gizzard to pieces! I'll stomp him silly! I'll take this letter knife, and I'll stab that kid right in his ungrateful breastbone! You know me Millicent, normally I'm a kindly, fun-loving fellow! But when I get crossed...
    Alonzo Hawk: (weakly, slumping down at the desk)
    Alonzo Hawk: I go bananas.

  • Willoughby Whitfield: Please, Miss Harris, I can't believe that Uncle Alonzo would do things like that.
    Nicole: Wait a minute! Uncle? He's your uncle?
    Willoughby Whitfield: Yes. That's what I've been trying to tell...
    Nicole: You rotten spy!
    Nicole: (takes a lobster from the waiter's tray and smacks Willoughby, knocking him over the railing and into the water)

  • Mrs. Steinmetz: Oh, Nicole, I want you to meet a gentleman from Mr. Hawk.
    Nicole: How do you do?
    Nicole: (punches Willoughby in the jaw, knocking him to the ground)

  • Alonzo Hawk: At the tender age of nineteen, I was the best known repossessor of cars west of the Mississippi. Hot-wire Hawk, they called me.

  • Nicole: Sweet dreams, Herbie.

  • Willoughby Whitfield: Why do you pretend to talk to this car? Some people might wonder.
    Nicole: Don't listen to him, Herbie. Just move it.

  • Willoughby Whitfield: (at the end of his rehearsal speech to his uncle) Please do not send us any more fruit for Christmas.
    Willoughby Whitfield: Please do not send us any more fruit for Christmas.

  • Nicole: If do marry Willaby, I'd like the satisfaction of nailing him myself!

  • Willoughby Whitfield: We understand your position, Mrs. Steinmetz. That's why Mr. Hawk was authorized.
    Mrs. Steinmetz: Don't tell me you're from Alonzo Hawk?
    Willoughby Whitfield: Yes.
    Mrs. Steinmetz: Oh, and you have such a nice face.

  • Mrs. Steinmetz: Of course I have to humor Herbie. He used to be a famous racing car, but his driver went off to Europe to drive foreign cars, so he's a little sensitive. You can understand that.

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