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½ February 25, 2010
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules/The Sovereign/Kevin Sorbo
Michael Hurst as Iolaus/Jester Iolaus/Paul Robert Coyle
Bruce Campbell as Autolocus, The King of Thieves/Rob Tapert
Glenn Shadix as Typhoon
Jeffrey Thomas as Jason
Kevin Smith as Ares, The God of War & Love/Jerry Patrick Brown
Robert Trebor as Salmoneous/B. S Hollinsfoffer
Liddy Holloway as Alcmene
Alexander Tydings as Aphrodite, Goddess of Love/Aphrodite, Queen of the Gods
Paul Norell as Falafel
Hudson Leick as Callisto/Liz Friedman
Gina Torres as Nebula/Beth Hysmon

Season 4 is kick ass, it made the series a bit darker and amplified the whole alternate world story. It also had a great season finale in which Hercules becomes a God. The season also helped to persuade the producers to produce another spin-off Young Hercules, which would star Ryan Gosling.

1) Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
Hercules makes a promise to an old lady on her death bed to visit a high above palace in search of her long missing daughter Leanna(Kerry Gallagher). He enlist the help of Autolycus to steal a magical bean, which will bring him there. When he's there he discovers that Leanna has been held prisoner by Typhoon, the meaner twin brother of Typhon, until a batch of Harpy Eggs hatch.
{A continuation of sorts to Season 3's episode "Monster Child in the Promised Land" }
Guest Stars: Paul Brennan(Nidhogg), Yvonne Lawley(Alyssa), David Sutherland(Otus)

2) Hero's Heart
During a save, Iolaus accidentally lets a woman fall to her death and is overwhelmed with grief & decides to no longer travel with Hercules. Fortune, The Goddess of Luck(Lori Dungey) feeling guilty for leading the events to the tragedy decides to try and rectify the situation by erasing Iolaus' mind of the event. But by doing this, he can't ever remember meeting Hercules and therefore reverts back to his criminal ways.
Guest Stars: Ross Duncan(Spiro), Robert Horwood(Lexus), Sara Howard(Woman), Harry Lyon(Nick), Mervyn Smith(Lesion), Patrick Smith(Trancas), Denise Snoad(Ara), Sheryl Stewart(Lydia), Francesca Waters(Okaleia)

3) Regrets...I've Had A Few
Celestia, The Messenger of Death(Belinda Wayworth)comes to take the life of his old friend Jaris(Colin Moy--Winston Harris as Young Jaris), he ask for one more day to help him make arrangements for his child. However, he decides with the little time he has he will murder as many evil people as he can. Hercules(Ian Bohen as Young Hercules) thinking of a past incident, concerning Jaris' brother Bartok(Eric Lynch)decides he needs to stop him otherwise he will lose his place in the Elysian Fields. {Served as a Semi-Prequel/Pilot for Young Hercules}
Guest Stars: Bruce Hopkins(Nehemiah), Jason Hoyte(Skell). Matthew Jeffs(Lowlife), Nathaniel Lees(Cheiron), Joseph Murray(Dageth), Arthur Ranford(Tidus), Clint Sharplin(Kenickus), Maggie Tarver(Rena), Mark Wright(Claxor).

4) Web of Desire
Hercules, Iolaus and a band of pirates led by a warrior named Nebula(Gina Torres)become prey to a cursed Arachnid named Arachne(Josephine Davison)
Guest Stars: Craig Ancell(Paxxon), Russell Gowers & Maaka Faanana(Pirates), Derek Judge(Monicles), Graham Lauder(1st Mate), Doug McCaulay(Bromius), Hemi Rudoph(Cercetes)

5) Stranger in a Strange World
Iolaus is sent to another world, while that world's Iolaus is sent to the regular world. The reason is Zeus is sick and strikes a lightning bolt to stop Hercules and Ares from brawling, causing the rift to open up, sending Iolaus there. While there, both sides discover that when one dies on one side the other dies on the other for no reason.
Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless(Alternate Xena), Renee O'Connor(The Executioner/Alternate Gabrielle), Ted Raimi(Alternate Joxer), Bruce Burfield(Prisoner), William Dacis(Head Guard), Albert Heimuli(Soldier #1), Amanda Rees(Matron #1), Amber Sainsbury(Princess), Dean Stewart(Gravus)

6) Two Men and A Baby
Nemesis(Kimberly Joseph) is being chased by a group of followers for Ares, who wants her baby Evander(Rachel Ackerley & Rose Schicker) for the powers he posses. She runs into Hercules and tells him that Evander is his, when really its Ares' son.
Guest Stars: Alistair Browning(Meniskos), Meighan Desmond(Discord, The Goddess of Retribution)

7) Prodigal Sister
Hercules meets a blind slave named Ruun(Dean O'Gorman-Marcus Brown as Young Ruun) whose on a quest to search for his sister Siri(Katrina Browne-Alana Fletcher as Young Siri)who was kidnapped by a band of renegade of Amazons years earlier.
Tina Cleary(Mayam), Geoff Clendon(Father), Danielle Cormack(Ephiny), John Dybvig(Slave Trader), Marama Jackson(Lucenne), Danny Lineham(Johe), Mandy McMullin(Refugee), Reece Rocewyk(Xenan)

8) ...And Fancy Free
Hercules decides to help a young villager named Althea(Willa O'Neill-Raechel Murgatroyd as Young Althea)by agreeing to be her dance partner at the villages annual dance competition. Since Hercules doesn't dance, they enlist the help of The Widow Twanky(played by Michael Hurst under the pseudonym Edith Sidebottom)and learn to dance.
Guest Stars: Stuart Devenie(Magistrate), Jay Saussey(Oena), Geoff Dolan(Henchman), Emily Jackson(Young Oena), Andrew Jolly(Travoltus), Geoff Snell(Elis), Stephen Winn(Partner #1), Jason Smith(Musician).

9) If I Had A Hammer
Atalanta(Corinna Everson)tired of never finding a man who she can be with and constantly being rejected by Hercules, decides to forge an exact replica of Hercules in steel. Discord, the Goddess of Retribution(Meighan Desmond) brings the replica alive and teaches it how to wreck things, and with the mind of a child doesn't understand. { Continuation of Season II's episode "Let the Games Begins" }
Guest Stars: Ross Brannigan(Curteus), Andrew Glover(Farmer), Susan Haldane(Filius), Kenneth Prebble(Rodanna), Natalie Scarr(Leola), Anthony Taylor(Village Elder), Stephen Walker(Swillus), Derek Ward(Agitor)

10) Hercules on Trial
Hercules must stand on trial when a man inspired by him takes his name and dies in a heroic action, leaving behind a family. While Ares begins to taunt Hercules and persuade him to come over to his side, Iolaus has enlisted the help of Lawyer and Princess Dirce(Lisa Chappell-also playing Queen Melissa)to keep Hercules from getting the worse sentence possible. While on trial Hercules does begin to think about how his heroic actions inspire people to some times take on more than they can as regular mortals and questions whether or not he may be responsible. {Continuation of several episodes as many past guest and characters make appearances}
{Served as a Semi-Prequel/Pilot for Young Hercules}
Guest Stars: John Sumner(Spenius), Mike Bajko(Turgeus), Geoff Barlow(Old Man), Claudia Black(Cassandra), Robert Boniface(Father), Amber Cunliffe (Marcenea), Barry Dunffeld (Kazankis), Mike Howell(Jargos), Sarah Major(Galea's Daughter), Anita Marshall(Villager), John Mellor(Barkeeper), Mark Nua (Mong), Derek Payne(Daedalus), Renee Raudman), Vicky Rodewyk(Marcenea's Daughter), Sarah Smuts-Kennedy(Kara), Stephen Ure(Farmer), David Weatherly(Judge)

11) Medea Culpa
Hercules(Ian Bohen as Young Hercules), Iolaus(Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus) and Jason(Chris Conrad as Young Jason) have a flashback, while having a friendly competition about a time when Hercules and Jason almost lost their friendship due to a woman named Medea Cupla(Jacinda Barrett). Hercules, Jason and Iolaus begin a journey to slay a monster that has been terrorizing and burning several neighboring villages. Along the way, they meet a beautiful young warrior type woman name Medea Culpa, who turns out to not be what she is.
{Served as a Semi-Prequel/Pilot for Young Hercules}
Guest Stars: Alan de Malmanche(Servant), Vanessa Guy(Teenage Girl #1), Ian Harrop(Fisherperson), Carole Seay(Woman), Narelle Swenson(Little Girl/Hera)

12) Men in Pink
Salmoneous and Autolycus are on the run, when the King's brother Gekkus(Paeter McCauley)frames them for the murder of his brother. They decide to hideout as dancing women in The Widow Twanky(Michael Hurst under the pseudonym Edith Sidebottom) School of Dance, where Autolycus meets and falls in love with Cupcake(Lacey Kohl). { Continuation of this seasons "..And Fancy Free" episode }
Guest Stars: Alistair Babbage(Vendor), David Fitchew(Desk Attendant)

13) Armageddon...NOW: Part I
Hope returns, disfigured from dying & a funeral fire in the previous Xena Season 3 episode "Maternal Instinct" and freeing Callisto from her cave trap Xena put her in. Hope now gives Callisto the means to travel back in time and kill Hercules' mother Alcmene(Kim Michalis)before Hercules is born, her gift in return will be the chance to stop Xena from slaughtering her family years earlier. {Continuation from the Xena Season 3 episode "Maternal Instinct, " this season's " Stranger in a Strange World" episode. This episode takes place at the same time as the Xena Season 3 episode "Bitter Suite. }
Guest Stars: Mark Caldwell(Peasent), Rodney Cook(Passerby), Les Dwight(Mother), Shirley Eliott(Gossip), Patrick Kake(Hercules/The Sovereign Double), John Manning(King Tyndareus), Bernard Moody(Drunk), Amy Morrison(Hope), Joel Tobeck(Strife)

14) Armageddon...NOW: Part II
Hercules is trapped in limbo with his Doppelganger The Sovereign, watching as Iolaus attempts to save his mother Alcmene(Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene) from Callisto. Unfortunately Iolaus fails and must find away to travel back and try and save Almene again, otherwise Hercules can never return to the right world. Iolaus decides to steal the Cronos Stone from an Alternate present where Xena(Lucy Lawless)is now Emporess of all Greece, after Callisto attempts to stop Xena's army from slaughtering her family and burning her village. { Continuation of this season's episode "Armageddon...NOW: Part I" and all the above notes. The Dahak/Hope Storyline continues in Xena: Season 3's Finale Episode "Surprise"}
Guest Stars: Matthew Chamberlain(Darphus), Renee O'Connor(Gabrielle), Geoff Clendon(Oronis), John Dybvig), Lee-Jane Foreman(Arleia), Patrick Kake(Hercules/The Sovereign Double), Marcel Kalma(One-Legged Man), Rebecca Kopacka(Young Callisto), Jim McLarty(Panko), Alex Moffat(Beckerus), Amy Morrison(Hope), Mark Sinclair(Village Man)

15) Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules
When Kevin Sorbo doesn't show up for filming, the Crew for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys frantically tries to find him or a replacement. Meanwhile California has experienced a huge Earthquake and mysterious rescues have occurred. {This is a Clip Show featuring several scenes from previous episodes, as well as scenes from the Pilot Movie for "Young Hercules" and the direct to video animated film Hercules and Xena-The Animated Movie: Battle For Mount Olympus(1998)}
Guest Stars: Claudia Black(Cassandra-Archive), Lucky Lawless(Xena-Archive), Lisa Chappell(Melissa Blake), Willy de Witt(Eric Guendeman), Paul Glover(Roberto Orci), Elizabeth Hawthorne(Mary Contrary), Ted Raimi(Alex Kurtzman), Charles Mesure(Johnny Pinto-Hercules Audition), Joel Tobeck( Strife & David Scott Pollison).

16) Porkules
Discord, The Goddess of Retribution(Meighan Desmond) steals Artemis, The Goddess of the Hunt's Bow and Arrow from Autolycus, who stole it from Artemis' Temple and with it turns Hercules into a pig, where he meets Katherine(voiced by Alexandra Tydings) who has recently been brought to a slaughterhouse. Now while he tries to save the day as a pig, Iolaus and Autolycus attempt to retrieve the bow and arrow back from Discord.
Guest Stars: Cherry Davis(Millicent), Alan Farquhar(Vendor), Chris Graham(Colchs), Murray Keane(Hermes), Ian Watkin(Butcher), Tim Marechal(Captain of the Guards), Ralph Mauro(Quakkus), Victor Raider(Woolus)

17) One Fowl Day
Ares is furious with Iolaus and Autolycus after they turned Discord(Meighan Desmond)into a chicken in the previous episode. For this, he decides to chain them together(since they detest each other)and slowly mutates them in horrible looking mutants. Due to her bravery in the previous episode Katherine(voiced & played by Alexandra Tydings)is turned into a beautiful woman, with Artemis' Bow and Arrow. Hercules now must teach her how humans lives.
{Continuation of this season's episode "Porkules" }
Guest Stars: Zo Hartley(Mother), Deanna Hurst(Voice of Sadie the Horse)

18) My Fair Cupcake
Autolycus steals an invitation to a royal ball being given by bachelor Prince of Antioch(Mark Rafferty). He falsely enlist the help of his old flame of sorts Cupcake(Lacey Kohl)to pose as a Princess in order for him to steal a precious stone. Meanwhile, Hercules and Iolaus are busy trying to keep piece between to neighboring kingdoms(one being Antioch).
Guest Stars: Bruce Davis-Goff(Carpathian Man), Wade Jackson(Darsus), Huntley Eliott(Vitron), Chic Littlewood(Attendant), Antony Martin(Amtioch Man), Campbell Rouselle(Terrorist), Angela Shirley(Prince Hippolyta), Patrick Smith(King Georgas), Jason Te Kare(Fleetus)

19) War Wounds
Hercules & Iolaus go to Corinth to welcome back their old friend Ajax(Peter McCauley), who has been fighting in the Trogan War for the past 10 years. Hercules & Iolaus split up for a little while and Iolaus arrives in Corinth where the soldiers don't seem to be as welcomed as they thought they would. And worse yet, Iphicles, King of Corinth(and Hercules' brother)is responsible for it.
Guest Stars: Gina Torres(Nebula), Bruce Allpress(Phidias), Warren Carl(Kazon), Stig Eldred(Gagnon), Syd Mannion(Man), Victor Rodger(Vet #1), Antonio Te Maioho(Boraxis), Liam Vincent(Fishmonger)

20) Twilight
Hercules(Ian Bohen/Young) & Iolaus(Dean O'Gorman/Young) arrive at Alcmene(Liddy Holloway-Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene) & Jason's(Chris Conrad/Young) house after hearing that his mother is dying. While there, they all recount the first time they went off to war and witnessed the ugliness of war. {Considered another pilot for "Young Hercules"}
Guest Stars: Martin Baynton(King Stavros), Glen Drake(Nikos), Ian Hughes(Calimachus), Paul Paice(Captain of the Guards), Matt Walker(Tiresius), Ray Woolf(Eteocles)

21) Top God
As Hercules grieves over the death of Alcmene, Zeus(Roy Dotrice) arrives to offer Hercules the chance to become a full God. This prompts Hercules(Ian Bohen as Young Hercules), Iolaus(Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus) and Jason(Chis Conrad as Young Jason) to have another memory of when Hercules was given Ambrosia from Apollo(Scott Michaelson)and when Hercules first met Zeus. {Considered to be a pilot for "Young Hercules"}{Continuation from the previous episode "Twilight"}
Guest Stars: Clinton Elvey(Punk), Charmaine Guest(Ariadne), Ronald Hendriks(Momus)

22) Reunions
Hercules has accepted Zeus'(Roy Dotrice)offer to become a full god. But as soon as he gets to Olympus, Hera(Meg Foster) tells Hercules of Zeus' REAL reason for bringing him to Olypmpus. Hera also decides to rob Zeus of his God powers, while having Apollo(Scott Michaelson)distract Hercules. {Continuation from the previous episode "Top God"}
Guest Stars: Ted Clark(Young Man), Angela Franklyn(Mother), Brett Higginson(Villager), Liddy Holloway(Alcmene), Stephanie Leibert(Young Woman), Glenis Levestam(Erytheia), Jim McLarty(Teacher), Bruce Phillips(Pandion), Vicky Rodewyk(Child)
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