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November 28, 2016
Enjoyably cornball martial arts action flick. The hero of the film has to take a cursed sword to settle some scores between two feuding masters. Nothing original here and you've seen this film a hundred times before, but it's entertaining enough.
May 26, 2015
This film plays out like a full season of soap-opera in an hour and a half. At least 9 major characters, each with a compelling bit of the plot and unique weapons. Would have been better had it not been dubbed with English. How do I know exactly what the plot was supposed to be?
½ April 22, 2015
I honestly didn't know what was happening half the time. One guy is trying to kill two other guys, and then they kill the villain in the end. That's about it.

I re-watched this not remembering that I saw it before. The same thing. It was convoluted, and in the end they finally kill Derek Yee's character. That's about it.
August 29, 2011
Ok it's not that new. Try 1980, with a couple of my favorite actors, Fu Sheng and Ku Feng. A little annoyed at the dvd. Nice looking widescreen picture, but, not anamorphic! Really heavy on the drama in the last half hour, but it's actually quite well acted. An absolutely crazy scene happens about halfway in. A dancer recalls a compliment, that a man said he really liked her legs. Thought it was taking some kind of pervy comedic turn, until she cuts off one of her legs - his favorite one - and gives it to him in a moment of desperation. Wow, won't forget that one anytime soon.
February 20, 2011
Allot of characters and a fairly complicated plot but has some good dramatic scenes. The leg cutting off in particular.
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