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March 30, 2009
a landmark film... an everlasting classic in all its forms...
March 7, 2009
way ahead of its time ........they should re-release this film......one movie to prove kamal hassan's worth
January 29, 2009
September 7, 2008
Yes, the movie poster is accurate - they kiss in a bollywood film!
September 7, 2008
A great movie again by Kamal Hassan. Amazing screen play, cinematography, music and direction.

I don't even want this to be classified as a Bollywood movie as its just not of that type. I would be happy to simply tag this as an Indian movie and a Tamil movie :)

My only complaint with the movie was that it didn't have subtitles for the dialogues which were in Bengali, Hindi .
August 26, 2008
saaf nirbheek
kamal hasan supar
August 4, 2008
A poignant story about a Hindu man who is disllusioned with Gandhi's principles and plans to assassinate Mahatma. His fellow Hindus kill his close friend who is a Muslim. A masterpiece from Kamal Haasan that makes one understand the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi.
½ July 30, 2008
I was very impressed with this movie, and embarrassed to realize I didn't know who Hasan was. This is not your typical Bollywood, this is a thought-provoking work of art with excellent cast and powerful messages. It is as realistic as it can get, and it portraits the absurdity of religious division. I thought Hasan had such a powerful presence at all times, and develops a very interesting character. I wish both Rani and Shahrukh would make more movies like this, but I guess they were seduced by the flash of being Indian royalty. On the other hand Vansudara (Monsoon Wedding) never sold out, and keeps making excellent work, of course she is not in the gossip Bollywood shows nor modeling for an expensive watch. This is for a mature audience and for those who enjoy cinema as a form of social reflection and thought.
July 28, 2008
One of my favorites after watching it once I got older. Kamal brings in strong performance along with Rani, Vasundhra Das, Kavingar Vaali, and the list goes on. Even SRK bags in a the memorable Amjad Ali Khan. Ilayaraja rocks in music and i highly recommend you see this classic. better that watching fake kanth's kuselan.
July 25, 2008
it can count as a bad movie, because dont let the poster decieve you, srk appears only 30 min during the whole movie. and the rest of the movie is badly bad. indian cinema musnt shoot those? kind of scenes and i didnt want to see rani mukherji like that. besides those, muslims were bloody killers and hindus were victims.
the only thing i love about the film was the end of it. SRK wsa a muslim too and died for the brotherness of muslims and hindus... of course i cried that time too, damn, his acting is so perfect. the two stars on the rating is for SRK of course
May 1, 2008
kamal came to show the gandhi's real face... but his financial status stoped
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½ March 3, 2008
An experiment with truth.
February 24, 2008
Very good film by Hassan. Everyone has really strong roles and the ideas in this movie (in the making of) were excellent!
February 18, 2008
kamal hasan at his best... watch out for atul kulkarni
½ February 13, 2008
An incredible insight into the mind of Kamal Hasan, who wields the director's baton. Post his acting pinnacle and pre-indulgent directing, this film is breathtakingly shot, accurately portrays a time period (right down to perfect Ananda Vikatan issues in the man's hands) and depicts riots so gruesome it rivals Mani's in Bombay. Surrealistic treatment which I believe went over the audience's heads at the time.
½ January 24, 2008
nice ciniphotography
January 17, 2008
Last Good Hindi Movie enjoyed with M y Father
December 13, 2007
the best indian film....
November 2, 2007
a must watch... give you a whole new perception of history... its not an anti gandhi film... if anything i would say it really portrays the greatness of Gandhi and how it is hard for normal men to follow his path...
October 4, 2007
I think this film is widely misunderstood. It's a provoking insight into and commentary on violence based on relgious difference. It's not a gandhi-bashing film.
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