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A man inherits a remote monastery-turned-experimental addiction treatment center from his late mother, and makes a horrible discovery while exploring the property with a group of friends. Brian Karter (Sean Clement) was just a young boy when his mother treated addicts at "The Sanctuary". Years later, Brian's mother has passed away, and the abandoned building becomes a monument to decay. Brian wants nothing to do with it, but his friends convince him to take a tour of the building before deciding what to do with it. When Brian and his friends stumble into a secret laboratory with a cutting edge machine capable of eradicating any form of addiction, the discovery leaves them speechless. But with each successful treatment, a new nightmare is born. Now, after decades lying dormant, the nightmares have awoken.

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Highly improbable story featuring "attack of the swarming fireflies." Poorly scripted, poorly acted and poorly directed helped immeasurably by somewhat decent effects. Lots of attempts at jump scares, but not a bit of tension or a fright in it anywhere. Some decent looking actresses though :)

Don Schick
Don Schick

Scientist Susan Carter (Dawn Ford) is trying to find a cure for addictions, and thinks she's come across it - she's found a way, through use of rare flies, to isolate addictions and turn them into their own entities within the human being, which then is able to be literally cut out of them. She's tossed out of the medical community and dies, and her son, Brian (Sean Clement), inherits her old laboratory. Together with some friends he goes to tour the place to decide if it's worth keeping or destroying, not knowing that the place is already inhabited by demonic children - the offspring of addictions from a particular test subject Dr. Carter was using. The film was supposed to be in 3D, but of course it loses some of its luster in the 2D aspect, especially with the flies flying around, which was obviously supposed to be the 3D part of the film, but turns out looking downright silly. That being said, and knowing that I wasn't expecting much out of this flick, I found it to be rather enjoyable. Nothing noteworthy, but an enjoyable time overall. The acting was average, the story was average, but the sets I thought were amazing. I love old buildings and seeing how they did the different rooms and such was pretty impressive for such a small budget.

Joe James
Joe James

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