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April 17, 2011
Ajooba Ajooba:: The great R.D. BURMAN

Fav Quote:
When Kader Khan is asked for the reasons in the Movie he keeps answering::
There are three Reasons::
Reason 1. I cannt remember
Reason 2. I just forgot
Reason 3. It`s not very important

Well what to say about this Movie, apart from the twins there is a similarity between this Movie and Kishen Kanhaiya. It is mostly actually a comedy than a Drama. I will recommend it, not at any cost but the song Ajooba is worth watching. Ajooba means wonder.

My fav bit, after the song (Dil Ka Darwaza) where Madhuri tries to seduce Anil and the song is over, the CLOSE UP KISS SCENE.

He sits on his Horse, when song was over he called her.

Come here. What is this all about? Anil/Raajkumar

I am showing some Love. Madhuri smiles

This is what you call LOVE? Rajkumar

Yeah..you didnt like it?Madhuri

I ll show you what LOVE means. Rajkumar

He lifts her at once and Kisses on her Lips. It was so cool to see the expression on Madhuri`s Face.
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