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May 20, 2003
March 30, 2003
March 10, 2003
February 8, 2003
...Starts out as a taut and intriguing story but seems to get more preposterous as it goes...
November 7, 2002
Military whodunit isn't great drama, but director Carl Franklin's skill makes for an above-average thriller.
October 21, 2002
A pretty fair -- if twist-happy -- thriller.
October 15, 2002
[Judd and Freeman] radiate an intelligence that makes so-so movies seem much better.
June 6, 2002
A new type of role here for the great Morgan Freeman, who plays Grimes like a senior Hell's Angel on valium.
June 1, 2002
It's more than a retread of an ancient formula; it's an execution of it with flair and gusto.
April 17, 2002
The movie is good and worth seeing - I just would have expected this kind of talent to team up for something more ambitious.
April 14, 2002
April 10, 2002
A by-the-numbers mystery/courtroom drama for the Matlock crowd
April 9, 2002
April 8, 2002
Whenever a couple in a Hollywood film is so happy early on, it is predictable a reversal of fortunes is soon to happen.
April 7, 2002
High Crimes goes a long way on old-fashioned star power mixed with a few new twists. Luckily, it doesn't have to go any further.
April 6, 2002
It reunites the winning "Kiss the Girls" team of Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. The chemistry still works.
April 5, 2002
Loaded with false alarms, shocks, and a few twists, the story wends its way enjoyably toward resolution, assisted by a nicely constructed set of revelations.
April 5, 2002
Our enjoyment of High Crimes depends entirely on how much we identify with these characters -- our immersion in their lives is precisely what carries us over the large and unsightly wrinkles in the script.
April 5, 2002
High Crimes doesn't exactly get a high-five from me, but it doesn't commit any felonies, either. I'll give it 2-3 with time off for good behavior.
April 5, 2002
The fare is all on the standard menu, but it goes down well just the same.
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