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½ January 7, 2010
Decent movie, I would have loved to have found a DVD with a bit better picture than the old VHS I had. It wasnt that the movie had great effects or anything, but it was amusing to watch. There really wasnt anything spectacular that really stood out, other than the mideval knights getting sucked up and hauled off by aliens and being too stupid to understand that they werent in jerusalem, but still. Its one of thoes movies you think about once in a blue moon and think. "Gee, I wish I had that around, it'd be funny to watch again after all this time."
½ July 2, 2009
The book is one of the finest written, so good I bought the movie without any other data (except John Rhys-Davies was a plus). What a loss! The movie is a complete loss. The basic premise is kept, at first. The rest of the story is abandoned. This movie is an infantile attempt at humor, which fails, and adds to the idea that Germans have no sense of humor.

Read the book, skip the movie. 0%.
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