Jun 10, 2019
'High School High' may push the envelope a little too far at times, but you won't be able to hold back the tears from laughing so hard. The first 30 minutes are pure gold!
Sep 14, 2005
Does drive home a few laughs, but not nearly as many as the Zucker name would lead you to believe.
Jun 14, 2004
Aug 1, 2003
High School High has one or two genuine laughs with several chuckle-worthy moments peppered throughout, but this is pretty much a lackluster effort.
Jul 11, 2003
One joke movie that's one joke too long
Jun 4, 2003
The normally riotous Lovitz flunks the test in this farcical school daze. There's nothing remotely academic about Bochner's High School High
Aug 16, 2002
Strings together hilarious series of gags at the beginning and end, but in the middle High School High makes the mistake of having a story.
Jul 30, 2002
Jan 1, 2000
Except for dated homages to Deer Hunter and Rebel Without a Cause, High tries to squeeze guffaws out of the crumbling educational system, not exactly gut-buster material.
Jan 1, 2000
Jan 1, 2000
Jan 1, 2000
Jan 1, 2000
Jan 1, 2000
The movie makes two mistakes: (1) It isn't very funny, and (2) it makes the crucial error of taking its story seriously and angling for a happy ending.
Oct 25, 1996