High Spirits Reviews

October 31, 2018
High Spirits is cheesy, slapdash, and not exactly up to snuff to today's standards of gender politics, but Halloween-appropriate nonetheless.
December 9, 2017
It is a cast perfectly blended to this story of human foibles and eternal love. And best of all, each actor, whether their part is large or small, seems to genuinely enjoy the high-jinks they are helping create.
April 13, 2015
High Spirits is a good time but the film is far from Jordan's best, and isn't quite what one would call "memorable", even with the fun effects and witty quips from O'Toole.
October 10, 2005
August 8, 2005
December 18, 2004
Flat and sitcom-y; Hannah's costume looks like a plastic trash bag
May 23, 2004
November 25, 2003
I saw this movie when I was lonely and it helped somewhat.
August 22, 2003
July 6, 2003
Ghastly ghost story.
December 24, 2002
December 13, 2002
What was Neil Jordan thinking?
August 21, 2002
Not Neil Jordan at his best
July 25, 2002
High Spirits most clearly resembles a disturbingly hollow combination of Ghostbusters, Police Academy, and every loud noise you've ever heard.