Highlander: The Final Dimension (1994)

Highlander: The Final Dimension (1994)





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The third episode in the Highlander saga, this film describes the ongoing contest between immortals that began in Scotland 400 years ago. When the evil Kane breaks out of his tomb, he begins a bloody, super-powered search for good warrior Connor.
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Christopher Lambert
as Connor MacLeod/Russell Nash
Deborah Kara Unger
as Alex/Sarah
as Nakano
Raoul Trujillo
as Warrior 1
Frederick Y. Okimura
as Old Japanese Man
Daniel Do
as Takamura
Louis Bertignac
as Pierre Bouchet
Michael Jayston
as Jack Donovan
Zhenhu Han
as Innkeeper
Akira Inoue
as Innkeeper's Son
Darcy Laurie
as Banger
David J. Francis
as Doctor Molloy
Matt Holland
as Intern
Richard Jutras
as Uniform
Liz MacRae
as Interviewer
Emidio Michetti
as Detective
André Oumansky
as Marquis de Condorcet
Garth Gilker
as Cowboy
Michael McGill
as Medical Examiner
Chip Chuipka
as Charlie
Patrick Fierry
as Captain
Clifford Spencer
as Guillotine Man
John Dunn-Hill
as Loony Napoleon
Morven Cameron
as Receptionist
Vlasta Vrana
as Vorisek
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Audience Reviews for Highlander: The Final Dimension

Third entry in the Highlander trilogy is yet another train wreck that doesn't deliver anything memorable. I've said this in my review for the second Highlander film, and I'll say this again, there is no effort into this sequel, this is lazy filmmaking. The thing with this third film is that the actors seemed bored, and the material they are given to work simply doesn't have that depth that made the original so good and memorable. I think it's a good thing that they gave up on the film franchise after this one because it really is a pointless film that is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Don't go into this one expecting great things, you'll sadly be disappointed. This is a bland, unfocused action film that is all over the place, and it never becomes really involving for the viewer. This is even worse than the second Highlander film, and if you're looking for a redeeming film, you won't find it here. Fans of the original ought to stick with the first and not even watch the sequels. What really is shameful is the fact that the filmmakers really could have made a good movie, but like the second film, they just didn't have the effort in making a good film, and they ended up making a film that is plainly awful, and relies on a poorly thought out script that simply doesn't deliver anything worthwhile for the viewer. This entry ends the trilogy on an even lower note, and proves that they couldn't top the creativeness of the first film, which is a standout film. But like the Connor MacLeod said in the original film, there can be only one, and in the case of this trilogy, the one, is the original Highlander, which after you've seen the two dreadful sequels, should be considered as a standalone film.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Not a great film, but leagues ahead of Highlander 2. It's at least coherent, and gives Lambert another shot at playing Connor McLeod.

Ryan Voss
Ryan Voss

Poor budget and effects certainly hamper the material but a renewed focus on swords does much to right the wrongs of part 2. Still less than worthy of name Highlander it at least attempts to make the fights important. Again the villain is a poorman's Kurgan, to the extent they cut in footage of the Kurgan seemingly to remind you how less impressive and unoriginal this guy is. Later battles are horribly edited in a '1 swipe 1 cut' fashion taking any impression of skill and drama out of the battles. The baddie is bisected and just laughs but minutes later is nicked on the shoulders and is apparently crippled. Only for fans of H1 who watched H2 and are up for more punishment of what should have been an epic series of movies. At least they didn't try to buy favour with endless music cues based on Queen songs I guess.

Mark Nash
Mark Nash

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