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September 13, 2016
Who knew "a lavish, candy-colored musical set in Cold War Russia circa 1955" could be so much fun! Loved the music, the editing, everything about this. I could watch it all over again. The end was a real surprise. Every hipster at heart should see it....
February 3, 2016
I was unsure how the "Musical" portion of this film would work, but it rarely detracted from the film.
July 4, 2015
Colorful Russian musical goes on a bit too long but the performances, songs and dance numbers are very infectious.
½ March 24, 2015
I don't like musicals but I gave a chance to watch the candy-colored musical from Russia. There are so many problems that bother me in this movie that I can't enjoy it.
½ February 7, 2014
Fantastic Russian musical that takes place a few years after Stalin's death about the emergence of American-influenced hipsters. On par with American musicals like "Grease" and "Hair", and better than both in some ways, the photography and direction are beautifully matched to the rhythm and the acting is superb. This film was a huge hit in Russia, but Americans have seen it. I had the privilege of seeing it on the big screen via Austin Film Society. However you get a chance to see this, don't miss it. The Hipsters in the movie could even be a metaphor for the treatment of gays in Russia today. It works on so many levels.
Super Reviewer
½ December 14, 2013
Hairspray in the USSR; i.e., fun and bright, but with stakes. Visual candy, catchy tunes, Lovers in a Dangerous Time plot, and only a touch heavy-handed in its political statement. Wobbles toward the end, but how many musicals don't? Eye-opening work... I kind of loved it.
September 1, 2013
I borrowed this film from my local library, having never heard anything about it, but figuring since it was a musical, it was worth a shot. I got a lot more than I expected. Despite the subtitles, I really enjoyed it and thought the cinematography was fantastic. It's a little far-fetched, but... hello? It's a musical. That's kind of the point. Overall I had a really good time watching this movie.
July 3, 2013
Fun movie that is Russia's answer to such American classics as Hairspray, Footloose, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, and the Elvis musicals. Although based on music from the States, it's still very Russian, even though it could only have been made now.
April 1, 2013
Bright, colorful, beautifully filmed. Great music, and a reasonably intelligent story that never breaks too far into either farce or melodrama. Excellent performances all the way around. Better musicals have been made, but not I think in the last two or three decades at least.
December 17, 2012
Great cinematography.
December 4, 2012
My Favorite Movie. I absolutely love this movie, there is nothing bad about it. I first saw it a few months ago at the Dryden theatre. It was fantastic, then I found it was not released in the US. The serch begain. Now I know every ductile by heart.
If you don't know the plot already, look it up. Its the best music: 60s Rock and Roll. Even thigh it's in Russian, u don't notice. Every musical number makes you wanna dance and sing along. Whatever you do, see this movie!!!!!!
½ July 1, 2012
One of the best Russian films I have ever seen. Colors, acting, cinematography, camera work all top-notch. Great story about conformity and nationalism, one that could work equally as well here. Parts of it reminded me of the critique of English boarding schools done in Pink Floyd's The Wall. Brilliant social commentary with engaging characters, many tragicomic moments, and really tried to tie in the 1950's hipsters with all the social identity movements since. Only weakness... too long.
December 18, 2011
г 1/2ил< да, 100% ?веже?,и "С,ил?га 1/4"!
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½ December 8, 2011
Fun Russian musical about kids who rebel by adopting what they think is a hip American lifestyle of jazz and dancing and loud colorful clothing. One of their persecutors enters the fold, another leaves. Discoveries are made, songs are sung (though not as many as you might expect), lives change.
½ November 26, 2011
To start off with, I dislike musicals intensely. Also, I am not a fan of jazz. Add to this the fact that it is in Russian, a language which does not lend itself easily to musicals and bright imagery, and you have a movie which just grates me. The whole thing just tries too hard, seeming contrived.
October 31, 2011
September 29, 2011
Keywords: musical, Russian, hipsters.
August 6, 2011
I was hoping they're gonna have it in flixter. I'm stunned, so surprised Russians made THIS?! Damn, it's one of the best well done, well written movies I've seen lately. Incredible. The story, the direction, photography, MUSIC... Amazing.
June 20, 2011
A fun musical about Soviet culture that looks at the repression and conformity through as whimsical lens. Some great musical numbers and creative art direction really make the film a joy to watch.
May 21, 2011
Surprisingly good. I had no idea what I was about to watch but it ended up being a musical about young people growing up in the 50's in Russia. I normally hate musicals but watching this with subtitles made it tolerable.
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