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Antonius Block
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August 21, 2017
This movie is decent enough in the beginning, which has a wealthy playboy doctor (Robert Taylor) falling in love with a woman he meets in a casino (Barbara Stanwyck). He's meant to leave for the jungles of South America in ten days to work on a cure for spotted fever, so it's a whirlwind romance that they both know will be short-lived. Things get complicated when they fall in love (surprise, surprise), and even more so as Taylor owes the casino owner (Joseph Calleia) money, and seeks to borrow it from his brother. The film gets muddled from there - in character motivations, in melodrama, and in several dangling threads. The scenes in the jungle are just silly, and it's irritating when the woman starts taking the blame for things. I found my grade for the film steadily decreasing as it progressed, and hoping for it to end, which is never a good sign. It was interesting to see Samuel S. Hinds as the father, as he was George Bailey's dad in 'It's a Wonderful Life', and it was also interesting to consider that Stanwyck and Taylor would be married in real life three years later, for thirteen years. This one is for a fan of those actors only, and seeing the first thirty minutes or so would be sufficient.
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½ April 11, 2014
Silly nonsense that Barbara makes worth watching. Robert Taylor was extremely good looking but at least at this point was a seriously bad actor.
March 19, 2013
pleasurable romance but the drama lays flat
February 5, 2013
Good little soaper about scientist Robert Taylor who chooses his research abroad over Barbara Stanwyck. Stanwyck then marries his brother for revenge. Stanwyck is more glamorous than in most of her films, which is kind of fun, but the soapy story is pretty good too. Also, this is a film that's never been released on video, so its fun to catch these hard-to-find films airing on TCM.
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