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½ June 24, 2017
Hit and Run had the potential to be a watchable if unspectacular physiological thriller. The film starts of with a running over and hitting a pedestrian on her way home from a night out. Thinking she's killed him, she buries the body and over the course of the next 40-50 minutes starts breaking down due to her guilt. Unfortunately, the film takes a turn for the worse here and instead of realising it's potential as a thriller, it just becomes a farcical slasher and in the process wastes the films potential.
½ January 11, 2016
Hit this film for five minutes and immediately run away. Our main actress looks enticing in the first few minutes of the film. Jean shorts and boots forever work. Anyway, going past my superficial crap, the film is compete rubbish. Just complete crap. This random elementary school teacher gets run over accidentally by this girl, who I don't think ran him over because of her being under the influence of alcohol, but anyway he's convinced.

I don't know what the deal was back at her house when she realizes he is alive, so she tries to kill him. Then bury him, apparently alive. He apparently has amazing GPS skills and the people of this town are the most oblivious people in the world because this guy eventually makes it back to her house somehow, limping and half dead the whole time.

I guess she doesn't bother to lock anything. Because everytime she freaking leaves, she keeps everything open. I'm guessing the same goes for her being at home. She doesn't care either way. Anyway, he has issues and now it becomes a torture slasher horror, dude goes psycho and kills people including his wife.

Apparently, all this keeps happening because he didn't take his meds. So this dude is supposed to be the world's greatest teacher, but he is too busy trying to kill everyone. This plot is so bad. The characters are so meaningless including her absolutely empty boyfriend of 2 years. Pass, pass, pass.
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January 2, 2015
A low budget horror movie which i actually enjoyed a bit. I have seen many B horror flicks over the years and this one are worth seeing for sure. Its quite exciting and spooky moments which is great. If u looking for a new horror / thriller movie u might take a closer look at this one..
January 25, 2014
Wow this movie is just not good, the acting sucks, the horror is....not horror and the way the plot pans out is just ridiculous. Honestly if I was tired while watching I would've fallen asleep. My advice is to just leave this movie alone. Highly Unrecommended
June 7, 2013
This was actually not bad
March 20, 2013
great suspense thriller. the story kept me guessing to the end. I thought it was a wild ride.
February 18, 2013
Horrible waste of time. Bad script, bad acting, bad characters.
½ February 9, 2013
Lenta, aburrida, plagada de todos los clichà (C)s de este genero, esta película representa lo peor que he visto en las ultimas semanas.
½ September 25, 2012
This film is why we need 0 star ratings.
½ September 15, 2012
Not a lot to credit this film for in all honesty. It has taken a storyline that has been utilised on many occasions before, and not added anything we hadn't already seen. In fact, it's probably given us much less! There's no real setting of the scene, we begin the film with a girl leaving a bar in a semi toxicated state before driving home to bed. Somehow, she manages to crash into a stranger and impale him on the front of her bumper without realising, just as we all often do on our way home from work or a night out. Only midway through the morning does she later discover this when she hears noises coming from her garage, but rather than call for help, she decides to batter him with a golf club and bury him in a nearby bit of woodland. The realism just gets better - despite colliding with a 60mph jeep, being battered by golf clubs, and losing gallons of blood, the killer somehow remains alive and sets about getting his revenge in a cat and mouse chase to the death. Apart from some semi gory moments and the odd scare, there is no substance to this film. There are very few characters involved and the movie suffers from a lack of flow between scenes. It simply looks like clips have been cut and pasted in any old fashion to try and piece together a half decent spectacle. Clearly it's a very low budget film, but pretty much the lowest of the low - Arguably not even worth the £2.50 I paid for it! It's probably more worthwhile using this film as an advertising campaign against drink driving, rather than a form of entertainment.
August 19, 2012
A film that runs in every direction that feels like it has alot of plot holes that are really not adding up and also the film has nothing really good to offer in the blood and gore department.
July 3, 2012
A few fair moments, but all in all just another 'scary' movie with lazy editing and nonsencal dialogue on the kiler's part. Also, making the main character a bulimic with an annoying-as-hell scream wasn't very wise.
April 21, 2012
Wat a load of................ The guy looked more like a zombie than a normal human being who was hit by a car, impaled on the bumper and then hit with a golf club. Who does his medical coz I want the number!
April 21, 2012
Wat a load of................ The guy looked more like a zombie than a normal human being who was hit by a car, impaled on the bumper and then hit with a golf club. Who does his medical coz I want the number!
½ March 30, 2012
"Hit and Run" is a little film that tries to do something different in the world of made-for-video movies. It's not a low budget slaughter-fest but instead it tries to be more of a suspense flick. Unfortunately, it fails either way.

It's essentially a one-person show, with the focus of the film solely on star Laura Breckinridge, and she isn't strong enough to carry a film. Even one as meager and unambitious as this one. The story is essentially a take-off on "I Know What You Did Last Summer", but there are some elements that just do not make sense.

Why the film's killer would murder his own wife is a mystery, as is the scene where he shows up back home after being missing for so long. None of it rings true, even for a movie of this nature where expectations are naturally lessened. Also a mysterious is how a B-movie like this gets indie darling Kevin Corrigan to play the killer, and then they give him very little to do. He has no personality, and precious little screen time when all is said and done.

The direction by first timer Enda McCallion is shoddy and lackluster, virtually ensuring that the movie will be completely suspense -free. It's as dull and lifeless as it is unbelievable. Breckenridge seems to make a mistake at every turn making her bad situation even worse, and because of that it is very difficult to muster any sympathy for her. And her uncaring boyfriend, played by Christopher Shand, is there to make sure she is in as much peril as possible.

Straight-to-video movies obviously get worse than "Hit and Run", but that still doesn't make this one any good. It's pretty slow going most of the way.
½ March 24, 2012
i didnt really like it i mean the story was jumping all over the place... it was too dark you couldnt see anything overall not very good even the story was kinda stupid...
½ January 21, 2012
Hit and Run is probably one of MGM's fine horror movies that mainly went straight to DVD. Hit and Run is one of the films that also has some great moments but it falls short in different ways. The plot of this film is about a young college girl name Mary Murdock who has a bad bump in the night while driving home from a party drunk and when she gets home she soon finds a man hanging on the bumper of her car and she kills him by battering the guy with a golf cub and she buries him in the woods and covers her trail. Soon she also discovered over the next few days that the man she killed is back from the grave and wants revenge. This movie mainly has a lot of similar elements from Stuart Gordon's 2007 Psychological thriller Stuck because the film's plot is really similar to Stuart Gordon's 2007 Psychological thriller Stuck only that the film is even darker than Stuart Gordon's Stuck because the tone is deeper and really dark from start to finish. The film also has a couple of zombie and supernatural elements mixed with the similar elements from Stuart Gordon's Stuck which is really good and incredible. This film seriously has the goodies it is full of jolts and thrills that will make you squirm from start to finish and it is really nice and incredible for the film itself so far. There are other good things I like about this movie. The other great things about this film is that the film also has an incredible cinematography and I mainly enjoyed the lighting and the dark areas in the film and it makes the movie even more frightening, claustrophobic and atmospheric as well and it fits well for the film and that's what I mainly like about the film. What I also like about this movie is that the film also has lots of jump scares and suspenceful scenes with some thrilling moments which makes the movie even more frightening. Plus the kills in this film are really graphic, really brutal and really gory and disturbing as well I did mainly enjoy the death scenes in this film all of the kills were really nice in the movie so far I did personally enjoy the force by gasoline drinking death scene and it was an incredible kill so far. The eye stabbing scene was incredible as well and I did enjoy the way the bad guy gets his eye stabbed with a plug from a Christmas light and I also enjoyed the scene where Laura Breckenridge was tied to the front of the bumper of her own car as the guy she accidentally killed drives it as an all night revenge drive oh and let's not forget when the bad guy gets battered to death in the opening scene by Laura Breckenridge with a golf club that death scene was pure brutality and I would also say that scene is the most brutal and the most violent death scene in the entire film because of the way the girl killed the guy seriously is pure brutality so far. Now the problems with Hit and Run is that the film has a couple of cliche's and a couple of faults oh and the film also has minor pacing issues plus there is also one question that was never answered in the film on why the guy left his wife and kids before he got ran over by Laura Breckenridge and the characters were annoying sometimes plus the film's climax is really slow paced on every scene this film also makes you think if the writers were high on drugs or they're drunk while writing the film because the film has a lot of great moments but there are a couple of faults in the movie. Although I praise for the directing of the film the director of this movie seriously did a good job with the directing so far and the director seriously knows how to make this film because the director of this movie pulled a couple of punches with lots of scares and jolts along with some thrills as well even the atmosphere was really good as well. Now the acting is great and decent sometimes Laura Breckenridge and Kevin Corrigan did a good job with their performances in the movie so far. This movie is seriously a bump in your seat Horror film so far. Overall I'm giving this movie a 7/10 because the film has so many good moments but there are some problems and faults as well towards the entire movie so far.
January 11, 2012
so this movie barely even deserves a star! it sounded really good from the description.

don't waste the 1.5 hours of your life! :\
the best part of the movie..when they played "modest mouse" at the beginning.
½ December 19, 2011
the storyline was ok ..........but somthing is missing in this movie.....i think it was b'cos of the poor music background....and low budget movie
½ December 2, 2011
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(2008) Hit And Run Unrated

Straight to rental movie has teenage Mary (Laura Breckenridge) while driving, accidently hits someone while trying to avoid something she saw lying on the middle of the road, her life then becomes a living hell once finding out that he wasn't really dead after all! Acting is exceptional but the convoluted storyline with plotholes would leave viewers asking more questions than receiving any answers. Idiotic and stupid at it's best that could've been interesting.

1.5 out of 4 stars
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