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May 18, 2015
it's not as good as Downfall, but then what is? Alec Guinness is about the oddest choice for Hitler. He was the quintessential Englishman. He gave great performances, but all of his characters have the same sort of quiet thoughtfulness, that typical English reserve which is so hard to imitate but impossible to mistake. Which is why here we see Hitler as a moody intellectual man struggling with depression and slipping into megalomania. I just don't think he can turn off his thoughtfulness to capture the violent emotionalism of Hitler.

The attempt to humanize Hitler seems to have made people nervous since they randomly intersperse scenes with footage of Nazi atrocities. I don't know what emotion that was supposed to stir, but it just left me confused.
½ August 27, 2012
Very good. Surpassed only by 'Downfall' (2004).
November 11, 2010
The title of this one makes no plot mystery. Hitler: The Last Ten Days was made 3 decades before "Der Untergang". Our maniacal evil Fuhrer is played skillfully by the late Englishman Alec Guinness. The Fuhrer is portrayed as an emotional, yet vulnerable human being, as reminiscent in "Der Untergang".

As nobody really knows what went down in the bunker, the film is based on testimonies from the "so called witnesses" that survived the aftermath.

A nice little production that I'll have to hunt down on disc in the near future.

Some memorable scenes will stick to mind, and the eerie atmosphere does not fail to disappoint. As Hitler is aware the end for his reign of terror is neigh, he hands out self portraits to his trusty followers claiming: "I want to be remembered as the good looking man I am, not like Jesus Christ with a ridiculous beard and filthy long hair!".

An above average production that also utilises archive footage and most of the the films duration in the bunker.

The director was Ennio De Concini that mainly wrote screenplays in the 60's throughout the 80's. This was his directorial debut to the big screen.

And now for a little trivia: An old friend and WW2 buff, went to Berlin to see the remaining historical sights. The bunker has been flooded with cement, and a playground has now been built on the surface.

Come out and play children.
½ December 19, 2009
Guiness' accent distracts a bit but he does portray Hitler relatively realistically and with humanity as well as quirkiness and twinges of madness/depravity. It doesn't quite come across as a propaganda film for the Allies but it doesn't give enough accountability demerits to the Brits. etc. nor to the people and soldiers of Germany. It wasn't just all Hitler, even if he thought it was.
½ June 16, 2009
Alec Guiness plays one of the best portrayals of Hitler. Downfall (2004) was definitely better, only because it was made with a better budget and was filmed in German. I felt the final 1/2 hour of the movie was much stronger than the rest of the film, especially the ending.
½ August 10, 2008
Disappointing and easily superceded by "Downfall." Guinness does a very theatrical Hitler. The uniforms and sets seem right and there are a solid array of British and Italian actors but nothing clicks. This should be *great* drama but it falls flat.
½ July 21, 2008
Well shot and had a good music score, but the writing was subpar and the acting wooden despite the veteran cast. The opening credits were great while the ending was horrible. As a denouncement of Nazism it is superb, but it mostly fails as a film.
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