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September 7, 2015
Honestly, not as bad as I thought it would be. I don't know how much it actually had to do with the game itself, but the action was excellent.
August 30, 2015
+Not a bad Agent 47
+Occasional humor
-Story felt like it took its time
August 29, 2015
One of my favorites I like the movie ­??»­???­???­???­???
August 27, 2015
i love this movie can't wait for 2
½ August 22, 2015
Some of the shoot outs are fun to watch bit as whole it doesn't make it much a fun movie or anything around that.
August 22, 2015
Awesome movie ,must see
August 22, 2015
Timothy Olyphant stars as agent 47 in the film that will most likely be forgotten about and end up in the $5 bin at your local Walmart when she already has if you found it if you were interested enough to watch it the story involves Timothy Oliphant being hired text to carry out an assassin atten attempt on a Russian presidential candidate and after being discovered is on the run in which case we turn down a long road where he discovers about presidential body doubles cloning KGB operatives and fighting several of himself including a token black version of himself aboard a subway train with dueling samurai swords Olga Kurylenko who's other works of art include the Max Payne adaptation and one of the least one of the least popular James Bond movies Quantum of Solace plays a prostitute who 47 takes under his wing because he feels that she has was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the two of them together as a fish out of water on couple team travel the world and Traverse whole God forsaken unnecessarily complex Master Chief try and figure out what the hell is going on and in the end 47 try I'm so over it all and in his smart sophisticated well-dressed boldly way brings happiness and joy and all is well across the West Eastern Bloc where everyday is a characterday for struggle. Dougray Scott who you might remember as the villain from John Woo's mission impossible 2 the lease light entry into the whole film series as the renegade Interpol agent who will do anything to find and put an end to 47s spree but turns out to be more like 47 then he made himself even realize when the film comes to the to its inevitable conclusion we find out that the two men are very much alike and you will be satisfied hopefully if you are a fan of the games I believe you will enjoy your time there and it proved to be a competent movie with a social script average performances and and one more burning question because of a reboot or a sequel or whatever you want to call it is now in theaters 1 which exact which executive in this film film distribution company or production company decided hey its been long enough let's try this again to do a hitman movie and second can we try to make it closer to the game so people won't feel like we do horned owl of interest story and stuff like that.
closing thoughts being I myself as a huge fan of the Hitman games having played the mall and enjoyed most of them give this movie a 2.25 out of 5 I couldn't quite bring this movie up to a average film outside of people who would love the game anyone else who sees this might see just a movie full of cliches and only one in character being Timothy Olyphant's character himself w review and I would love to hear from you guys so to bring this to a close eye the films dollar which will wish you all a deer and can't wait to talk to you guys next time about whatever movie I feel like bringing your review for good morning good afternoon good evening and goodnight.
August 20, 2015
decent but love story was a poor addition to the movie
August 6, 2015
Nothing about this movie makes any sense. Even though I am a fan of the video game series, Hitman is not just a terrible adaptation, it manages to be a terrible film in every aspect. Throughout the course of this atrocity, one will find it hard to follow or understand any of the character's intentions, let alone the actual plot. The film is continuously unintentionally hilarious but stands to be cringe-worthy during moments of actual attempts at humor. The acting in this film as if everyone was trying to ensure that they did a terrible job. All the characters are unlikable, the plot is a mess, and the only thing that I can actually say I liked about this movie was that the cinematography was actually decent at times. Just more proof of why video game franchises should not be hastily made into movies.
August 4, 2015
Never would have guessed that Timothy Olyphants acting would be only slightly better than the avitar from the game. Does his acting power come from his hair? There are cool fights and car chases and everything you need for a hit action flick, except a decent plot. It's fun but if I wanted fun I would have just played the game.... so I did.
August 2, 2015
2 stars for the action scenes in this movie. They were really great to see and a treat for anyone who likes to see a action movie.

But as a fan of the game franchise, I wasn't expecting a generic action movie. Fans of the game want to see a thriller movie.

The main goal of the game is to make every assassination look like an accident or be silent and deathly.
This movie was just gun blazing action with a predictable plot. The beginning was promising but pretty soon it was obvious this wasn't the direction of the movie.

Awful dialogue, a forced love interest and no understanding of the game character, made it feel like a generic action movie. Slapping the title 'Hitman' on the cover, doesn't make the movie special.

If you enjoy a popcorn action movie, this is a decent movie. If you're expecting an adaptation of the game character, skip this one.
July 29, 2015
Very predictable but awesome special effects
July 28, 2015
Timothy Olyphant even looks good bald and the action was exciting enough. Also nice seeing Dougray Scott.
½ July 23, 2015
"Hitman" has all the decent action scenes of the average action flick, but also wants to be considered sophisticated. It's not. It's just filled with unconvincing conspiracies, while the titular cold-blooded murderer is eventually presented as a nice chap. The photography is of video game aesthetics, while the slow pace used to achieve the impression that "Hitman" is not what it seems to be makes it an unrewarding experience. In the end, it is exactly what it seems to be. Only a lot more boring.
½ July 10, 2015
it was good but needed more action and a little more story. putting that aside, this movie still makes me wanna see agent 47
May 15, 2015

Since the reboot is coming later this year, I figured I would revisit the first go at making a film adaptation of the video game series, "Hitman". First off, the movie is filmed quite well and director Xavier Gens did a great job with the action scenes in particular. The best parts of the film is watching Agent 47 do what he does best, and those parts were extremely entertaining. While Timothy Olyphant dons the bald head, suit and red tie just fine, it's the actual film, particularly the script that doesn't quite turn an enjoyable video game into an enjoyable movie. The plot of the film really has nothing to do with the video game. With the exception of the first 15 minutes, the film really felt like the tired plot of "an assassin gets double crossed by his organization and seeks revenge" featuring the character from this popular video game thrown in. Not just that, the plot holes and predictable cliches are endless with side characters (one female in particular who shouldn't be a main character) that you care nothing about. Now these problems wouldnt mean all that much if the movie didnt take itself as serious as it did, and if the movie would have actually been a non-"Hitman" movie instead of being an adaptation of the game. With the exception of the well filmed action scenes, tight pacing and a nice turned in performance from Olyphant, this movie has nothing going for it in the way of good storytelling or interesting characters. Maybe the reboot will be the one to get it right. C-
½ April 27, 2015
Not sure what it is about Olyphant that just makes every performance and line delivery a "meh". Then add in a non chemistry romance, horrid screenwriting dialog, and forced emotion. One of those movies that even though there is a ton of "action" happening, you dont really even feel anything.
½ April 12, 2015
Better than I had expected!!
½ April 1, 2015
Mientras que para ser una adaptaciˇn de un video juego no es malo, Hitman inicia con material para hacer una pelÝcula de mejor calidad y a medida que avanza el film la va perdiendo. No obstante, es un buen intento.
½ March 28, 2015
Grade: High kind of 3/10

Hitman is an action film that really doesn't make much sense, I can't really think of much to say more than the plot is incoherent and really makes no sense by the end. The thing is at the start you feel maybe the plot will be pretty epic and quite an exciting adventure, but It just isn't and it ends feeling overdone and weirdly stupid. I felt it to be a second-rate movie and here below is why so.

The acting is the main reason I disliked this movie, they give it a go but it feels like the entire cast is just poor. Timothy Olyphant our nameless assassin who goes by Agent 47 is poor, Olyphant is really awkward in his role and never feels comfortable being who he has to portray. Dougray Scott is also poor as the Interpol agent Mike Whittier and he just feels yet again, awkward and as if he is confused where he is. The thing is the cast aren't made up of bad actors, they just don't work with the characters there given and the script is also to blame.

And on to the writing we go, it is probably the second worst if not equal worst thing alongside the acting, stale, lifeless and confusing are just a few words which spring to mind. And on to the acting again, the script makes them feel lifeless too and when the lines are delivered there either hard to follow or just too stupid to follow anyway. I think what it needs is a little more darkness in Agent 47, who seems to change from bad and good every second and never feels chilling enough with all the violence.

It has a lot of fighting action, thrills, actually not too many car chases but a lot of guns. It could be said there is too much action here and although it has it's thrills as I say it just feels overdone and almost too violent. It is a bit bloody at times and if it is possible too many people die, I mean he is an assassin yet he kills more people than an army could, seems too OTT as all.

On that point if your going to base it on a video game, please don't make it feel like I am playing it myself. Now I say this because video games are usually the most OTT you can get and with things like Hitman that rings even more true, the action seen here just feels too much like a game and the way in which the technology works and the weapons too just feel straight out another instalment of Hitman the game.

I can't say it didn't keep me interested in all fairness though, I felt like watching it and it keeps you drawn in until the end, even if the plot makes little sense. I think the one main positive is the suspense, I mean even though you know he will be going absolutely insane just to kill one person, the part before he does it is thrilling and fills you with a sense of what's next etc, until he goes in and goes yet again OTT.

So yes overall this did make me feel it was a rubbish movie, it isn't awful or terrible but is still a bad instalment of action movie. In conclusion the plot is too confusing, and the thrills and action are not good enough to properly fit in to movie greatness in this area, it isn't even a typical case of it's so bad it's good, just more a case of forget it and move on.
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