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It certainly isn't subtle -- or even terribly smart -- but as a gleefully gory homage to low-budget exploitation thrillers, Hobo with a Shotgun packs plenty of firepower.



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A train rolls into its final stop. From one of the freight cars jumps a weary-eyed transient with dreams of a fresh start in a new town. Instead, he lands smack-dab in the middle of an urban hellhole, a place where the cops are crooked and the underprivileged masses are treated like insignificant animals. This is a city where crime reigns supreme, and the man pulling the strings is known only as "The Drake." Along with his two cold-blooded and sadistic sons, Ivan and Slick, he rules with an iron fist, and nobody dares fuck with The Drake, especially not some hobo. Director Jason Eisener's blood-soaked return to the Sundance Film Festival is more than just a nod to the grindhouse flicks of the 1970s and '80s; he ups the ante in a major way, and Rutger Hauer's performance is a legendary display of brutal ass-kicking and meticulous name-taking that is not to be missed. -- (C) Magnet

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  • Gloriously over-the-top blood pudding about a homeless man (Hauer) who goes Dirty Harry on a dead-end town run by sadistic crims.

    Oct 18, 2011 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • Fans of the genre will relish the ironies (or, as it's known in the trade, the chance to have your cake and eat it).

    Jul 15, 2011 | Rating: 2/5
  • I've got to admit there are flashes of demented brilliance in this hardcore crassploitation splatter pic.

    Jul 14, 2011 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • Provides its target audience with exactly what they want while still managing to be aware of just how silly it all is.

    Jul 14, 2011 | Rating: 4/5
  • Sick but fun.

    Jul 12, 2011 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • Gore hounds will appreciate Hobo with a Shotgun, but it is so wan that even squeamish viewers will shrug it off with a yawn.

    Jun 29, 2011

Audience Reviews for Hobo With a Shotgun

  • Oct 28, 2017
    A very violent low budget movie that packs one hell of a punch at times, It's not afraid to cross lines and that's what makes this film stand out, Not greatly acted and the story kind of loses its whole purpose in the end but if has some pretty over the top kills that were very very bloody at times, If you're into the whole Grindhouse thing then this will be right up your street, It's also worth a watch if you like brainless action films with lots of blood too.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 14, 2014
    Beware of the hobo that delivers justice one shell at a time! Parents smile while bodies pile! Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, famous for playing the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicant group Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1982), comes up with a blast... and a fucking shotgun! He executes his personal justice at every corner. A film of this nature was done in order to be divisive. I see comments claiming that Troma-like ultraviolence and exploitation boundaries filling the blood-red screen is fine, but there are just "certain" scenes that they cannot accept, like the infamous school bus scene. LOL!! It's really funny how, no matter how depraved and inhuman the acts depicted in the film can reach, there are just "some contents" that cannot be accepted. That's morally ambiguous and completely contradictory: accepting certain evil deeds but rejecting some others out of repulse. How were those boundaries established? How come "moral" never plays its role in the audience watching these demented feasts, but it does in scenes that cross the line? What "line", really? What is it that defines the "lines" in society and tolerance today? But Grindhouse never cared about anybody, not even the children, haha. People that were surprised by such content in this film and claim themselves to be "Grindhouse fans" have not clearly seen enough Grindhouse movies (I won't spoil which films did the same thing to avoid spoilers for fans)! Even Guillermo Del Toro likes to kill them slowly. Jason Eisener certainly does not care either. The film is a celebration (and not necessarily a glorification) of an anarchic and lawless town that compiles in less than 90 minutes everything that you could think is wrong with people today. Cinema is escapist media, and an art form, and Hobo with a Shotgun is art. Exploitative, vile, immoral, trashy, cheap, sensationalist, hilarious, fantastical, depraved, [insert controversial adjectives here...], but not worthless. Hurray for the directors that take big chances today and have their target audience perfectly defined, unlike the inferior Grindhouse attempts of two famous fanboys named Tarantino and Rodriguez. The last 26 minutes brought terrific goods that I was expecting the whole film to appreciate too: the score was fine and 80s moody, the violence never hesitated, the Plague was an awesome cult-like trademark, and it put dark colors - mainly golden, red and purple illumination - to effective use. Add to that an awesome soundtrack right there at the ending credits, and you have something special between your hands. I just wished it had been given a cheaper, atmospheric, sort-of-Italian midnight look so that it coincided with the score and we would have had a completely dark ride! 76/100
    Edgar C Super Reviewer
  • Aug 20, 2013
    Pretty fucked up. But then again, it's got Rutger Hauer so I'm not complaining.
    Curtis L Super Reviewer
  • May 10, 2013
    It takes a little time to understand what "Hobo With a Shotgun" is trying to do, but once it clicks, it becomes apparent that this is a brilliantly executed homage to a very peculiar period in pop culture history.
    Sam B Super Reviewer

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