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July 21, 2015
Awesome fun loving good time!
½ July 8, 2015
Once upon a time Rutger Hauer was a big name in the 80s action/thriller
and Sci Fi/Fantasy big studio movie productions. "Nighthawks" caught
many casting agents attention, a bad guy terrorist role he excelled in
although it had no real substance to speak of, his 'Wolfgar' character
gave him enough scope to out class the movies leading man, one
Sylvester Stallone who had yet to fully become the huge action star
that he would become. "Bladerunner" immortalised Rutger in the realms
of Hollywoods, magic screen moments (although certainly not straight
away, Blade Runner took a while to collect is legions of fans) with his
now famous death speech scene at the movies end.

Starring in the family fantasy adventure movie 'Ladyhawke' widened
Hauers fan base and in 1986 he starred in his second iconic role in
'The Hitcher', his subtle performance winning him much accolade
(although not from famous critic Roger Ebert who felt cheated by what
he saw as a dishonest portrayal of the two lead men's relationship with
one another, personally I think he was wrong but do read his review on
Eberts website to see if you may agree with his take).

Action movies 'Wanted Dead Or Alive', 'Salute Of The Jugger' and 'Blind
Fury' kept his leading man status alive and well and his acting chops
were put firmly to the test and found to be particularly formidable in
'The Legend Of The Holy Drinker', one of, if not, his finest
performances, as well as tackling a huge issue of the day, Aids, in the
haunting 'On A Moonlit Night'. By 1990 Rutger could well have continued
to keep himself fit in the gym and carry on taking larger budget acting
parts, but he made an interesting decision, he simply wasn't interested
in chasing the larger roles, even turning down the lead in 'Robocop'.
Although he continued to swim, there's no getting away from the fact
that Hauer started to pile on weight after he quit running and training
in the gym.

Next came the lushly shot four hour mini series 'Desert Law' (later
butchered into 90 min version retitled 'Beyond Justice')shot for TV.
Not particularly well received Rutger opted to star in a different
style of thriller than he'd previously done. 'Past Midnight' was a taut
psychological movie, cat and mouse, akin to 'The Hitcher' but without
the formers gore and action scenes. Partly due to the fact Hauer was
carrying extra weight, and because it suited the material, Hauer seemed
to be thinking this new type of role may suit him more, and maybe it
would have if the original script hadn't needed emergency work by
Quentin Tarantino perhaps a tad rushed. But the main damage was this
movie never got the Cinema release it was intended to get. Instead it
was deemed not suitable to be unleashed across the big screens of
America on a large scale, with HBO picking the movie up instead.

The movie was a success for HBO, with its ratings proving that Hauers
TV audience was large and appreciative. Although this had already been
well established with the widely viewed WW2 dramas already aired on TV
during the 80s (Inside the Third Reich & Escape from Sobibor, for the
latter he won a golden globe for best supporting actor).

Around the same time as 'Past Midnight' a lower budget sci-fi 'Wedlock'
had been shot. In this Rutger got to enjoy himself without the
pressures he'd be under on a large studio movie. It was a pleasurable
working practise for him and one he'd continue from there on in, he'd
work in lead roles on TV movies and lower budget direct to Video (and
DVD) releases. Throughout the 90s he starred in a few interesting
smaller scale movies some even reaching the UK big screens ('Split
Second' and 'Surviving The Game').

Although always different, it would be fair to say that the majority of
these movies fell short of their ambition, but Hauer was always THE
watchable component in any project he appeared in so this writer had no
trouble sitting through some of the less enjoyable examples of his B
Movie leading man 90s era. For every few frustratingly bad movies like
'Blast', 'New World Disorder' and 'Crossworlds', Hauer pulled off quite
a few extremely watchable curiosity movies like 'Omega Doom', 'The Call
Of The Wild, 'Bone Daddy' and his camp outrageous 80s parody bad guy
role in 'Tactical Assault', precisely the kind of picture that just 10
years prior would have been given a huge budget.

And this brings me some 11 years later after many smaller cameos in
medium to large scale movies and the odd lead in some less than
inspiring projects, Hauer took on 'Hobo With A Shotgun'. A parody of
the exploitation action movies of the 70s and 80s (some of which Hauer
could claim to have appeared in himself) 'Hobo..' was chosen out of
many other trailers to be made into a Grindhouse Production. (Hell
Ride, Planet Terror and Death Proof had set the tend)

The reason I went into some detail of Hauers earlier career was to help
show why 'Hobo..' was welcomed so much by long term fans and why even
though the critics mauled it, it achieved its aim, it successfully
parodied the movies it chose to affectionately lampoon. Hauer stars as
a disaffected homeless drifter, angered by the moral and social decay
he sees all around him.

He decides, in very 80s shoot em up movie-esque fashion to hit back,
and hit back he does. What follows is an action packed 80 mins of
explosions gore and silly fun with awful dialogue lovingly over played
by all parties involved. This movie should have pleased long term Hauer
fans, and hopefully encouraged some of the younger viewers to check out
his 80s work and beyond. Viewed for what it is, 'Hobo With A Shotgun'
is a fun ride and well worth renting for a night in.
June 30, 2015
I could write a full review on why this film is great. Though, why? I don't get paid to do so. Let's just say this film is sick fun! Take it at face value, you won't appreciate it. Take it at what kind of throwback it's attempting to accomplish and you'll have one hell of a fun ride. Grindhouse cinema at its best!
June 30, 2015
Good old style grindhouse stuff here as a hobo sick and tired of the violent crime in the town starts dispensing his version of justice.
½ June 13, 2015
Intended as a tribute to grindhouse cinema, this is a film that set itself up to be repulsive in every way possible, and while its defenders will say "that's the point", this ultimately proves to be what brings the film down. Being that this is a grindhouse action film, the writing takes a backseat to vicious, drawn out scenes of lurid gore and rampant immorality. The film's plot is essentially one random act of depraved, psychotic violence after another, and on and on it goes until the end. Personally, I fail to see how anyone can find any enjoyment in a film that parades its lunatic violence, which, far from fulfilling the artistic potential it had hoped to, just keeps getting so much more atrocious each time that it's increasingly more obvious that it's all just there for shock value. This would have been so much better as a comedy film rather than a splatterhouse film. As for the characters, there's barely any character to speak of, not with one-dimensional cookie-cutter personalities, and over-the-top acting that's somehow too creepy to even be considered hammy. At the very least this film looks the part that it was intended to play, but that's literally it. Even the action scenes are just as hollow as the plot. It's basically just extreme gore that, thankfully, doesn't qualify as a snuff film. Either way, it leaves a very foul taste, if not in the mouth then in the chest, and if not in the chest then in the soul. All the violence, brutality and iniquity are the signs of the truly talentless film-maker as he drowns in his own terrible mediocrity, dragging his film down into the bog with him.
June 5, 2015
Hell yeah! This movie was awesome. Kitschy, bloody, occasionally bizarre, just enough bad acting and lots of madness equals an awesome ride. Some seriously creative violence, too. I loved it.
May 30, 2015
You have to have an open mind to really appreciate this film, as it may not be for everyone. It's certainly the most violent movie I ever saw in my life.
May 27, 2015
It was a movie that was kind of artsy and it had its moments. I did not like it. But I am tough to please. I missed the point of the movie. It was ok in hindsight. I didn't like it, because I have a messed up way of watching and reviewing movies... to be honest the movie was an alien species and for some reason, I just hated it. It was somewhat watchable and decent in hindsight, but maybe I'm too innocent and childish to appreciate something like this. It is a prediction of a future that nobody wants to be a part of. Too out of touch for me. I did not like it. It was an alien species. I did not understand this movie. It left me with a huge shock and confusion. Maybe I am already done.
½ May 9, 2015
This homage to the exploitation genre is a redundant exercise in adolescent nastiness, a purile and charmless piece of designer trash. In that way, it's the perfect film for friends to watch, ironically of course.
March 24, 2015
03/25/15 a hobo blows into a lawless town, arms himself with a shotgun and takes aim at a ruthless crime boss and his two sadistic sons in this intense exploitation throwback
½ March 8, 2015
I see where they were going with this and they got there. It felt very much like an early 1980s Troma feature with ultra-violence and its over-the-top bloodbaths, but I didn't like the extreme cruelty by the bad guys (setting children on fire just isn't for me). I can see why some people will like this film, but in my opinion, it falls short.
½ February 11, 2015
its ok for what it is a low budget b movie
December 21, 2014
Great piece of grindhouse!
December 10, 2014
Rutger Hauer proves being an older actor doesnt mean you can't be badass. This movie is so messed up but is brilliant in execution.
October 15, 2014
Hobo with a Shotgun is incredibly gory, gruesome and violent yet pointless, uninspired and implausible.
September 29, 2014
The benchmark for all retro black comedies to come.
September 13, 2014
Hobo with a Shotgun is one of the most craziest movies I have ever seen, and it is a riot to watch. Good lord is it not subtle, and there's some parts that there was smarter ways to do this than that, but it does pack a punch though that succeeds it. Every minute something happens that just blows my mind, and it's really funny to watch. The villains are just madness and enjoyable to watch, and the characters are good. The fight scenes are exciting to watch, and the effects are impressive despite how over the top it is. Hobo with a Shotgun is one of those films that are not to be taken serious, and be a grind house film which it succeeds in being.
September 6, 2014
Hilarious schlock horror!
September 5, 2014
This is a fun, violent 70's style exploitation film. I am a huge Rutger Hauer fan and this did it for me.
½ September 2, 2014
Pure exploitation film making. Its sort of a retro-grind house, 'Road Warrior' meets Tarentino mix. Insanely grungy and unapologetic in its over the top violence. I have to say I rather enjoyed it, because its just too much fun not to.

First off, the title is awesome. If that doesn't hook you right away, I don't know what will. Rutger Hauer is awesome. The fact that a well respected actor would take a movie like this says its not all about the money for him. He wanted to do this movie because he wanted to do this movie, and I have some serious respect for that. He revels in the comedic aspects of the overly serious stupid plot, and sticks to his guns throughout. The rest of the cast is a bit more over the top. Dunsworth is solid, and she is gorgeous.

No one is going to mistake this for grade A cinema. It takes a certain kind of viewer to appreciate this, and chances are you already know who you are. Great fun for that type of viewer, but most others probably shouldn't even bother.
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