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August 26, 2011
This movie is so funny full of great 1 liners and its cute. Give it a chance on a rainy afternoon
February 25, 2011
One of my favorite indie films of the 90s. Some of the acting is less than stellar, but it's a cute, clever story of love on the run starring the late and VERY lamented Adrienne Shelley. Also a great performance by Sean Young as Twinkle. I highly recommend this overlooked gem.
April 26, 2008
Genius! Laughed my a$$ off!
March 5, 2008
Would love to get this one on DVD! Just wish it would have featured more of Laslo and his former-Hungarian-opera-star mother.
November 9, 2007
Z grade cinema at its finest!
Trully one of the best movies of it's time with a killer soundtrack.
October 31, 2007
Delight of Trashiness!
September 12, 2007
i dont know y i have that on there i dont even like it lol
July 21, 2007
A terrific little comedy starring a wacko Sean Young, a hunky Max Parrish (yum) and the late--but truly wonderful--Adrienne Shelley!
June 14, 2007
Will this ever come out on DVD?
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